Maintenance this Saturday (2/6)

Good day everyone! We are happy to say that it seems thus far the Auth0 migration has been going fairly smoothly with most issues being resolved fairly quickly thus far. That being said due to an odd coincidence in timing we finally breached our free email limit on elastic mail. As you can see here, the sharp drop is when we hit our limit according to the free plan.

Now this is not related to the Auth0 migration as emails handled by that email system are handled by Auth0 directly atm, its just a fun coincidence that we finally hit the limit the same week we did the switch over. Due to this we need to now switch the forums over to the Amazon Simple Mail Service we are currently using for some other systems. To do this though we have to restart the forum server so we are planning on doing maintenance this Saturday (2/6) to change the SMTP settings. It should not take long but the site may go down a few times as we work on changing over.

Thank you all for your understanding!


We will begin starting work on the site in the next 45mins or so

The mail system seems to be running though we will be monitoring for a few days to make sure. There where quite a few backed up jobs so expect some spam as the system chews through them.