Making the World a Fatter Place - MWFP - V0.4 on Patreon - V0.1 FREE

Heyho guys,

Welcome to my little side project)

I´ve had some free time on my hands recently and decided to put it to use to create some more new content, resulting in this game xD

Some of you may know me from my other project the Sultans Harem which is still going strong.

But I also wanted to try some of my ideas that wouldn´t fit the 15th-century setting of TSH.

And while I view The Sultans Harem as my main project, I will use my spare time so-to-say to work on this one.

But anyways, here is a little list of what´s included and what´s planned here:

Already included:

1 Main Character (3 Weight-Stages)
1 Side Character (3 Weight Stages)
5 Dating Scenes
1 Main-Story Event
230+ Renders

Things I plan to add:

More Main Story
More girls (duh)
Getting the girls fatter (duh)
An Economy System
Upgradable Apartment/House
Just ways to Make the World a Fatter Place)

And while I have decided to put up this first version for free, the following ones will be released similar to my first game on Patreon - and when the newer version releases I will provide the older ones for free again.

For this purpose I have created an additional Patreon Page - because like many of you might know, I don´t work on my other game alone and that´s why I can´t mix up the pages.

If you want to support me on this journey and get some extra content (e.G.: Dev-Logs, Polls, or Exclusive Pictures) as well as the newest version at release, you can support me there)


I look forward to making even more content for you guys and I hope you enjoy)

And please don´t hold back on giving me some constructive criticism.


Here are some images from the game:

Images (SPOILER)

Here is the Download for V0.1:

Free Download on



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Tried it out.
It’s not bad, can’t wait to see what more content comes soon!
Especially with how it ended!

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More girls to fatten up in different settings is always a good thing but, if you want my honest opinion, this is a dangerous thing to do.
I would suggest not dividing your attention when doing something as complicated and time-consuming as creating a whole game. I do comics and the work it takes me to write one episode is nowhere near close, not even in the same order of magnitude, but I know that when I decide to work on something I have to focus on that, otherwise I risk inflating (lovely word but not good in this case) production times exponentially and\or having quality take a hit.
It may be just me being slow and incompetent, but considered I only have to do posing and writing, while you have to do that plus rendering, coding and testing, I cannot help but feel compelled to give a cautionary word.
If you find yourself tired of working on the same stuff and in need for a change, just pause one project and work on the other while you wait for your enthusiasm and inspiration to come back. Just my 2 cents, you may very well be perfectly capable of handling both at once without any issue, of course, it’s just that for me it would be impossible.



I just don´t feel like you do… I really find great joy in creating these games and ever since I stopped playing video games a couple of months ago I just have the time to do it I guess xD

For me it doesn´t feel like work at all.

And like I said I will solely work on this project once I have enough leeway with The Sultans Harem.


Good start, but maybe it is better to concentrate on 1 girl for now, and develop deeper game mechanics to make it feel more like a game where players actions actually produce some impact.


Fun first bit! Cant wait to see more

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This game is pretty good so far btw

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can u make it acsesable for chrome pls

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Quite enjoyed what we have so far, looking forward to it! My only suggestion at the moment would be the option to stay at work if you’re planning on continuing that for the day as atm it’s a bit spammy to keep clicking “Work” after every time change.



That´s a great idea, I will definitely add that!


quite liked this!
i have a suggestion that may be a long shot, but while working or sleeping or whatever, maybe the heroine can contact you occasionally and ask to hang out, just so its not only one-sided :slight_smile:


I like that)

I will think of a way to implement this :blush:


well There is not much information about the game what is it about and what you actually do ?

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Just uploaded V0.2 to Patreon last night.

This version includes:

  • 175+ new renders
  • 3 new weight stages for Ghia (as voted in the poll)
  • A new story event
  • All done in a better image quality

I´ll also add some spoiler-images to the original post in this thread for anyone interested - so people can get a better impression of the game.

And from now on I´ll provide only the older versions for free - so just when a new version releases on Patreon.

But that´s all for now,



Hi, are there any other weight stages or events for Mandy after doritos?

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No this is her last event for now…

Hey guys,

I uploaded V0.3 to my Patreon last night.

If you want to check it out here is a little overview of what this version includes:

  • 3 new stages for Mandy (40+ renders)
  • fixed some bugs
  • reworked dialogue
  • Updated all V0.1 images to a better graphic (200+ renders)

Here is a little comparison to the old graphic:

Since the whole process of revamping all the images was quite lengthy, this Version doesn´t feature as much new content as usual, but the coming Versions will be solely focused on adding new stuff.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it regardless.

But that´s all for now,



Will you make an android version kinda enjoy it better onto go

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Quite an upgrade on the renders. It seems like you’re taking cues from TheLustLord. I might actually find it within myself to subscribe.

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