Making the World a Fatter Place - MWFP - V0.4 on Patreon - V0.1 FREE

The renders are nice, however, the game itself (gameplay and storywise), is still in a very early stage of development. Keep up the nice work you are doing.

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I will take a look into doing that soon)

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Best of luck with your progress

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I get a 404 Not Found error when trying to click on the Mac download link in the first post. Does the link need to be updated?

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Yeah I deleted that to have more space on my drive… I updated the link to the page where you can also download the first version)

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that V0.4 released on my Patreon yesterday.

Here is a summary of what this version adds to the game:

  • A new side-character with 3 stages
  • The first event of the bar (teaser event)
  • The first event of the gym (teaser event)
  • A few new renders (some old ones had clothes clipping etc.)

I will also publish V0.2 for free in the coming days on itch once my internet is better again (currently changing internet providers and am stuck with 1Mb/s download - don´t even want to know the upload speed…)

But that´s all for now,



Yay. 0.2 inbound soon-ish. Best of luck on the ISP issues. Hopefully those Kb speeds are soon fixed. If the harem game is any indication, This is really going to be good.

man you know, ill be honest. There are a lot of developers with patreons, and each game seems to have their own… but why don’t you have this game on the same patreon as your Live/ sultans harem?



Well the reason is pretty simple: With the Sultans Harem I work with a partner and share all earnings - while with this game I do everything by myself and it would be impossible to separate/distinguish these earnings on one single Patreon account.