Male Bears full body inflation

Does anyone know where i can find male bears full body inflation games i looked on google but could find none can anyone provide links to any that would be nice also please keep me posted

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That’s… a really specific thing to ask for

But alright, I’ll keep you on my mind if I ever find one


I don’t know of any games that are what you’re looking for specifically, but out of curiosity…
Do you mean like the animal, male bears? So like the furry kind of characters? Or did you mean like big hairy gay men, the “bear” kind. Cause it took me a bit to think of what you meant by Bears.

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oh god…


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like the furry kind of characters

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If I’m remembering my games correctly, there’s Fatty Text Adventure which allows you to play as many different furry characters (including bears) and includes many types of expansion (including inflation).

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the animal male bears

how do i play as them?

There’s a character creation when you first start up the game. Bears should be in the list of species to play as there.

More fat & weight gain than inflation, but it does involve a furry bear (also is a VN rather than RPG)

Make sure to read the description/comments for proper installation

That link leads to a system error page how to you even access it?

The post was probably deleted when the creator deactivated their account.

That’s too bad so the only real way to play it now would be if someone saved the game on their device. I wonder if the user changed their username or has another media outlet that he or she uses.

I wish that I could respond without self advertisement.

Are you still interested in my game?

Of course I am I love bears they’re so cute and there’s weight gain in the game as well wheat isn’t there to like in the game

We are working on bringing it back up here :

I have it somewhere on an older comp I need to get to, or someone else will repost it