Meat´s Roses visual novel and simulator (Version 0.6 in patreon [July/10/2024]/ Version 0.5.1 in

Update November/18/2023

Hello everyone, I have thought and have work in the version 0.5, for this version the idea is focus in the expansion world, in this case the exploration, add secondary characters and enemies.


I think in create multiples small zones for explorate and farm resources for sell, craft or for missions of secondary characters and expand more the lore of the game.





Slime girl

Secondary characters

Would interact and affect the characters weight with decisions that you do.

Nova (Explorer)

Valperina (Game saleswoman)

I thank people played the game and their feedback.


Update December/21/2023

Hello everyone, I have drawn in this month more sizes for the characters and I made clothes intermediate for first sizes the Alopex and Amnesia, I want for before of January finished with the art for this version for I will can focus in the code, story and mechanicals of the game.

Alopex size 3

In this moment these are new sizes:

  • Valperina: 8 Sizes
  • Nova: 6 Sizes

I have thought in add a character more, but this extend more time for the version 0.5, possibly I add this character for next version

Adalheidis Reinhild

I have been enjoy for this version and I hope better things for add; thanks for view.


Update February/28/2023

Hello everyone, I worked bit slow since last update, but I have been adding a gallery for the characters, for what for the version 0.5, will add Valperina and more scenes of the characters.


More sizes for Alopex, Amnesia and Valperina

  • Alopex: 9 Sizes to 13 Sizes
  • Amnesia: 10 Sizes to 13 Sizes
  • Valperina: 8 Sizes to 10 Sizes

For this version I decided in focus more in Valperina, Alopex and Amnesia, in the lore of game and mechanicals, and to add in future versions Nova and Adalheidis, for what is better decent content of a new character and more content for old characters than a bit content of 2 new characters. Thank for view.


Update April/10/2023

Hello everyone, intially for this version I planned in focus more to add mechanicals of exploration, but now I have changed it, for the version 0.5 to improve existing mechanicals and expand

Scenes and rebalance

For this version the characters will have various scenes and more interation, and the player will can feed they in dating and other ways and not only with food of the store, for what their weight gain will be more constant and enjoy.

Also can suggest me some idea of you would like see in the game. Thank for view


Where is this version available?

Oh sorry for confusion, but there is not yet released for version 0.5 only it is a update of development of the game for now the last version is 0.4.2

Sorry for misunderstanding. Looks like good progress

Looks nice. It’s been a while since I’ve played this game, but it does have a nice bit of chill strategy that I like. It’d be nice to know how many calories are in the food though. It’d help with planning around meals.

Update April/23/2023

Hello everyone, I worked more in these weeks in the game, I have been rewriting the prologue of game for do a focus more in topic weight gain since beginnig.

More food

Now exist more varient of food in the game and recipes.

Valperina’s Shop

For the moment buy collect items can reduce the stress of the characters, so future exist more art for each collect item.

I have hope in these next weeks release the version 0.5, but possibly I will post a update before of release 0.5. Thank for view.


Update May/13/2023

Hello everyone, in this soon weekend I will realese the version 0.5 in patreon, I inspired for multiples game 3D with scenes, I did same but with digital drawing for my characters and I will add even more content like this for next versions and not only for this version.

Actually in my patreon there are image spoilers of the soon version 0.5 for paying members.

Now the characters do more round her face for her weight gain


I feel happy of soon realese the version 0.5, really I hope you like, thanks for view.


Released Version 0.5 May/24/2024 only patreon

The new for this version:

  • New character on the Valperina map with 10 weight stages
  • Valperina sells collectibles that reduce the stress of the characters (Figures for Amnesia, Cards for Alopex)
  • You can date Amnesia, Alopex and Valperina plus art of each and Random date event with Valperina
  • 3 more weight sizes for Alopex (Total 13)
  • 4 more weight sizes for Amnesia (Total 13)
  • Studentships for Amnesia and Alopex for Cooking and Pastry You are no longer charged rent for the character who has a scholarship and the class where this scholarship earns more experience and costs only half the price (Cooking Studentship for Amnesia and pastry Studentship for Alopex)
  • Added a gallery for playable characters to see their sizes and scenes
  • Now if the income, cost and weekly earn are shown, the weekly rent payment is not calculated
  • The prologue was changed to be shorter and focused on the theme of “Weight gain”

Link of Patreon for the version 0.5
Link of for the version 0.4.2


Hey where is the save file?

Update June/4/2024

Hello everyone, I feel grateful for the new members in patreon for this last released, so I worked in create other character and improve some things of game.

Slight movement

Now the character have move slight

New character Pax

Also I want say what for the version 0.6, I think will focus more improve mechanicals add, more art and add as a playable character Adalheidis like Alopex or Amnesia, but a bit diferent in mechanicals. For the version 0.6 I think will released in less time than version 0.5, because now I had been work in the game more time in each week than before, so what I think only will are 2 month or less for this version. I will release free version 0.5 when I will release version 0.6 in patreon.

The saves are in folder data, seems disorder the files, but each save file have a number correspondent a save game, 16 files for each save game. I recomend create a save backup of files if think in modify. Also the files are binary data.

Thanks for view

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Released Version 0.5.1 June/19/2024

The new for this version:

  • New clothes for size 4 to 13 for Amnesia (10 total) of outfit casual 2
  • 27 new cards and a new figure for the collection
  • Add cards and figures collection to gallery
  • 2 new dialog variants for restaurant date of each character (6 total)


  • Change the art of Atheris for a new and different
  • Change the background of store of Valperina

Bug fixed:

  • Fixed gramitical error in recipe of cheesecake
  • Fixed visualization of size 12 of Amnesia, before skipped of size 11 to 13, now not
  • Fixed bug in the gallery in the visualization images of Valperina
  • Now charge more fast the gallery

Link of Patreon for the version 0.5.1
Link of for the version 0.4.2

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Is anyone able to help me? I am trying to use the recipe function, but it says I need a “species” in addition to the ingredients. Doesn’t seem like an ingredient, so I’m kinda confused.

Many ingredients can unlock with missions, for the “species”, have do the 1st Mission Amnesia, but first have do level up to Amnesia to level 2 in the skill cooking for active the mission, and later complete it.

Update June/27/2024

Hello everyone, I have been working in add to Adalheidis and I almost finish, but for the version 0.6 yet will add more content for Amnesia and Alopex.

Adalheidis playable

  • 10 Size of weight for Adalheidis
  • Can date with Adalheidis
  • Mechanical of schedule some diferent than Alopex and Amnesia
  • Unlock after of 9 weeks of start game

More backgrounds

For this version I have added a background for the room of the Roses, but I will add more background for new events.

I saw that is possible port games windows to android made with SDL2 in C, with some modify in the code, but I will test it after realese of the version 0.6

The version 0.6 will realese in July, but I belive between second and third week of July, I will notice exact day,


Update July/6/2024

Hello everyone, I have been working in add more art for events for Amnesia and Alopex, almost is complete the version 0.6, I believe between 8 to 10 July release the version 0.6 for patreon and realese the version 0.5.1 for

Events of activities

Now some jobs and lessons have art for Amnesia and Alopex, change in relation to their weight.

I feel happy with the new change of game for this soon version and next for the future. I have thought in release versions between 1 to 2 month of diference to future, so what is possible say what this year I release until version 0.9.

Thanks for view.


Released Version 0.6 July/10/2024 in patreon

The new for this version:

  • New character Adalheidis (10 sizes)
  • Can date with Adalheidis
  • Now when Alopex or Amnesia job how pastry chef or restaurant cook there are art of their jobs
  • Now when some character change of clothes for weight gain, will active event about it.
  • 3000 new words (+20,000 words in total)


  • Some light change in art of Amnesia date for a new and different
  • Rebalance in minimal weight requirimient for view size each character.

Bug fixed:

  • Fixed gramitical error schedule date

The last version 0.6 have - 4 characters

  • Alopex (13 sizes)
  • Amnesia (13 sizes)
  • Valperina (10 sizes)
  • Adalheidis (10 sizes)
  • At least one variable event for each character for their weight (2 variable events for Valperina, Amnesia, Alopex)
  • More events relation at weight of each characters.
  • 200+ images
  • 3 to 4 hours of game
  • Language: English and Spanish

New Released Version 0.5.1 free for Itch,io


Link of Patreon for the version 0.6
Link of for the version 0.5.1


Character poll

Hello everyone I hope what you like this new version of Meat’s Roses, I want ask you vote for you favorite character of the version what you played, in my case is Valperina, I will thank for this and other feedback for Meat’s Roses and the Roses.

Favorite character
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Thanks for view.

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