Forgot to introduce myself before I went ahead and posted on the forums! Meep!

My name’s Valeria, I’m 18, and I love chubbiness and being chubby! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been hounding the site for a while, but I decided to might as well show my round face and encourage all those lovely people making games on here, because it’s
an underappreciated kink as it is and needs more representation! I mean, can you name a main gaming franchise with a plus-size protagonist?

Ooh, I’m also a huge nerd, I enjoy games like Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and (heavily modded) Skyrim! I myself make games on the side using RPG Maker,
but I can never completely commit to making a fetish game. Feel like I’m too innocent to try and make a decent one. ;D

Hope to squish in and have a fun time with everyone! Donuts for all!

Here’s some digital cookies as a welcome gift!

(: :slight_smile: (: :slight_smile: (: :slight_smile:
(: :slight_smile: (: :slight_smile: (: :slight_smile:
(: :slight_smile: (: :slight_smile: (: :slight_smile:
(: :slight_smile: (: :slight_smile: (: :slight_smile:

Enjoy, however you can.

Welcome, glad you have you on board!

Fack, the forum screwed over my digital cookies. Sorry…

Naah, I was munching on them anyway! 9/10 digital baking, though it needs more digital brown sugar! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, its obvious. This is a WG forum. Only real cookies are allowed.

Hug the newcomer~!

Yeeee!! gives big squishy fatty hug ^w^

Welcome! I hope you have a good time here.:slight_smile:


Oh, so are you actually a chubby person? That would be great. I am a gainer and currently getting to a fatty weight pretty quickly. I should be 200 pounds soon, but my goal is a lot higher. Also, I am making games where weight gain happens to the main character and it is shown to be a very positive thing. I like to “glorify obesity” and I am planning to put that on my Patreon page.