Merry Christmas! & New Mods

First off we all wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! We hope everyone has happy and safe holidays!

Onto the news, as many of you dont know yet I have recently switched jobs. This is good as it pays a bit higher than my last job giving me more money that I can reinvents into the site myself, but it comes with the problem that I cant be as active during the days as I used to be. Along with that our little site has been growing quite quickly and steadily over the past couple years. Due to this and other factors it has been becoming harder and harder for our small team to handle the moderation and administration of the site.

To help us relieve some of this strain we decided to bring on 2 new moderators to help with moderating the site! So with great pleasure I would like to introduce @dingotush & @FluffRat (aka Psyko on our discord), our 2 new moderators! These two have been kind enough to volunteer their time to help us moderate the site so expect to see them around helping us to keep the site in order.

Well thats about all the news we have for now. Once again we hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! I know all of us are looking forward to seeing what the next year will hold!


hello new mods : )