[MMO][RPG][VisualNovel][And now + TCG] Weight World Online Alpha release in ???

Hello all ! I’m here to present my project about an mmorpg game about feederism/weight gain/ect… stuff

I already have a lot of ideas for this project which I plan to start in April. I have already produced two RPGs in the past with lifetimes over 200 hours.

However a project like this requires a lot of time and money, I would like to share it with the whole community and keep it free. That’s why I created a small discord in order to gather people who are ready to help, I particularly need graphic designers (Pixelart) because it’s in the field where I have the least skills. But any help is good to take.

The game will be like a classic mmorpg, with regular updates. Except that your character will be bigger and bigger as you grow in power.
With dungeons, and big bosses to make a very kinky game. (I assume)

I also hope you can bring good ideas to this project and it will be a pleasure for me to develop them in this game.
The game should be accessible on mobile as well as on computer so you can play it everywhere even when you are bored, and I would like to make it a game with an infinite life span. Something to keep you busy and spend time with your friends.

Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope I can create something with y’all.

Discord : Weight World Online (Updated 28/07/2021)
Patreon : Weight World Online is creating MMO Kink related to feederism | Patreon


Sounds pretty cool :+1: best of luck

Thanks you :slight_smile:

Wait, really? Where are these games?

And, like, you really intend to make a proper MMO? Like, with servers and all that? This is a huge undertaking, but if you’re really going through with this, more power to ya.


The two games I have already produced are not about feederism, yes it is indeed an mmo I would take the server rental at my expense, I may also later put a store so that artists can sell their art and players can be stylish, this game will of course remain free

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Wow! That sounds… expensive. You probably want to crowdsource some capital for a project of this scale, as MMOs are very, very expensive to make and maintain.

Additionally, do you have the programming proficiency to make an MMO? I ask this because the skills required to develop MMOs are rather rare in the programming world.

I’m not trying to be rude here. Maybe you are a really good programmer, and maybe you do have a solid plan to make a stellar WGMMORPG. It’s just that I have to be skeptical, since this forum has never seen anything of this magnitude before.


Hello, in truth it’s been about 1 year that I worked in collaboration to produce an engine for an mmo, so the engine is already finalized which was the biggest part of the work although currently the engine is not enough to make a game it must now fill,

I understand of course your skepticism because having already made this part I know what it is, except that the difference here is that I have already studied this question for a while and I know where I am going,

Yes indeed it can cost money, just for the server rental a 70slots costs about 50euros per month and I think a lot of people will be interested, and for the spriting it’s about 30 euros for each sprite.

I know my subject perfectly, and I know that such a project has never been realized, I thank you however for your questions and your attention


I’m really interested, and I kinda wanna hear about these other RPGs you developed, WG or otherwise.

I won’t share them here so as not to disturb the thread but you can come and contact me on discord if you are interested

This is quite the ambitious project, and I really do hope you can pull it off! You’ll be a living legend in the fat community for years if you do!

As for the specifics, how would the game function? Is it a text adventure or do you control the sprites directly? Is there character creation? And would there be some sort of Guild or chat system? My imaginations running wild I never thought someone would make a project like this!

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Yes of course sprites will be directly controlled, for character creation it brings too many technical constraints (fat problems)
Especially with the growth and leveling system,

Here is a chat system it’s the core of all mmo, for the guild it requires more resources to the servers to manage them in the database I will see if this is possible when the servers are populated,


Good luck on the project. Been wanting a character creation for an mmorpg.

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I wish you good luck for your project and hope it’s a success.

I give a lot of importance to the character customization (hate to be the clone of other people). So that’s something it could refrain me.
However, I understand, technically it can be a crucible.

Well, not to sound disrespectfull or anything, but can you provide something more substantional? I would like to see two other games and read a design document, because unlike small rpgmaker game, something of this scale cant just be made on a knee without any idea that you want in the end. As it is now, it sounds an awful lot like its just an abitious idea that will never see the light of day


I already answer to this question, I suggest you to read what I have already answered to the previous questions

And for about character customisation, i’d try to make everyone unique of course,

I might be blind, cant find anything other than that they are not wg games and nothing about design document. Can you please have mercy on poor soul and repeat it for me?

No, im more than open to debate, even if there is not much to be debated honestly. If you dont want to pollute tread, dm me. Belive it or not, im actually not opposed to the idea, in fact, would gladly help, if only monetary, but i, and i belive many others, want little more details and you can easily provide them with few clicks

Perhaps a compromise is in order? I believe that Yllua has a right to choose what information to provide as this is their project, and since Yllua isn’t taking donations at the moment that means they don’t have any obligations to patrons. However, if you are worried about polluting the thread, why not link your previous projects in the “about me” on your profile? That why people who are curious can easily access your games, while not having to talk about them in this thread


Because i’m french native so they are in french, and for copyrights reasons I cant share them freely, I asked no one for the moment for donations, I’m waiting to release something to start this

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