[MMO]Weight World Online Version 0.06 on patreon

Im not asking for anything for free, that would be rather entiteled of me. And i can understand why you would want to keep design documentation for yourself, but it also a good idea to start building fanbase as soon as possible, especially for a MMO and giving people at least general idea of that to expect is a good idea not only for attaracting audience to your project, but also building trust with your comunity

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All this is already discussed on the discord, people come to share their ideas and give me what they would like to see in game.
I prefer to get as much feedback as possible on what future players would like to see in the game rather than just doing what I want.

And for the point of free or not as I said, the progress will be communicated in any case on the discord, as well as the first trial versions. When I think I have made enough progress then I will consider doing something about it.

I side on some of @LilSisPain 's views here… I can only weight in with my mid-tier level knowledge and under a decade of experience in the gaming industry but, making an MMO, in general, without a very high technical knowledge not just in game design and development, but in actual server side… is an awful idea. Its usually quite difficult and close to impossible task for a group of actual experienced gamedevs without a publisher or wealthy producer behind them, and we are talking ONLY about the making a functional thing that we could call MMO, not even getting into limitations on design depending on the serverside you choose, or all the costs that those things entail.

I would pivot away from that genre unless you really really know what you are doing. And I mean, there are plenty of other more plausible genres too, even if MMO sounds awesome, it is a pretty hard thing to pull off.


Hello, thank you for your attention to my project, and I notice that you are not on the discord and therefore you debate a topic already closed on the discord.

The engine is already established for the server part, as well as all the HTTP / Javascript base and the whole is debugged at 99%.
So if you could stop taking out your science and take me for a clown it would be nice and respectful, because until now I had the extreme kindness to answer your questions and to take the time.

Whether you believe it or not, I don’t need you, the project will be released and I’m already planning the first tests next week if everything goes well

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I’ve already answered everything, and so far I’ve invited you to contact me on discord where I’ll be very happy to share my work with you,
So far I only see bad faith from you, it’s a pity especially when I didn’t ask anything.

You can imagine that I am currently working hard on the project and this is not my main job. Trying however to be attentive and present, it can only be annoying to have people who are just here to denigrate and say that I do nonsense. By not even knowing the project or who is working on it.Finally I am not alone on the project, I also have the help of people who have already created mmorg and with whom I have already worked

I’m not going to comment on how it’s being conducted. There’s not much on the discord yet but here’s what I gleaned from there for anyone that doesn’t want to look.

  • medieval/fantasy
  • This was used as the example for the intended sprite style.
  • made with rpgmaker
  • client/server
  • will feature male wg :+1:
  • weight is intended to be linked to levelling somehow (or not, as there is some indecision regarding feeder players)
  • uniqueness and character customization is a design priority
  • Combat is intended to be real-time, similar to the isometric Zelda games.

Honestly, I expected this to be an April Fools joke.


rpg maker? Not to sound rude, but most of my experience with rpg maker games here have been very crude, hoping they can create something engaging with it

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Modern RPG Makers (MV and MZ) are more extensible than in the VX era. Also, there is/was an MMORPG game called Elona based around RPG Maker 2003 until it was modified to be its own engine. I believe Elona was made by a single person, although maybe they used other people’s art. I think if the scope is reasonable enough, it can be done. And Elona also had something like an Action RPG system, but it is step turn-based like many roguelikes.

Also, I think people should remember that their native language is French so maybe trying to be strict in discussion with them is not a good idea. There are so many things that can be hard to understand for someone who has not spent something like 10 years with a language. Maybe in French they could describe their design a lot more efficiently.

But considering the date, an April Fools joke is a possibility.

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All, please be respectful of the rules in the FAQ. In particular remember to criticize ideas, not people. Pointing out that the networking code behind an MMO is non-trivial is okay, offering insights if you’ve related experience is great, but suggesting @Yllua just cannot write one is not.

Always be Civil: If you have to begin a post with (to paraphrase) “I don’t mean to be rude but…” then you know you are going to be rude. Take the time to re-write what you are about to say so it isn’t rude and is within our guidelines, or just don’t post it.


Given the interaction with the community on this forum, I (and my team) don’t really want to post on the forum anymore. Presenting a direction for an MMO when nothing is finished is a bit of a joke, we still have a lot of mechanics to think about to make it interesting. There will of course be quests, a main story, mini-games, team play, dungeons, farming and I forget.

I remind you that RPG Maker is above all a game engine using RUBY, so it is possible to do anything with advanced knowledge. The game can even be changed entirely at 100%, we made this choice because it is in 2D (Like rpg maker) and it is less expensive for everything that is graphics as well as on other points but it still requires a lot of skills in some areas.

Last point, I think you are less able to criticize than professionals who know what they are doing, some of us work in the video game industry and more particularly for two of them on MMOs so out of respect for them I would listen to their decision to not post here anymore. I’ll still be listening on discord though

Nb: April 1st be damned I regret posting close to that date

Time will only tell if this could be the next big thing here

I don’t get all the animosity that’s been shown here.

Admittedly it’s an ambitious project, but so what? This site is littered with threads for games (ambitious or otherwise) that have never got past the planning stage.

It’s not as though we’re being asked for financial support for this. How about simply offering encouragement rather than criticism?


I agree, people were way to quick to judge and criticize. Yllua simply announced that they were working on a new game for free. What’s there to complain about?

If it means anything, I apologize for how Weight Gaming reacted. Games here are usually not met with such hostility


Any further grilling of the OP concerning details about the project or discussion thereof will be deleted. They have laid out how to get further information on their projects, continuing to hassle them about this is pointless and disruptive.


15/04/2021 Update, Still in WIP, the game + online is working about 110 maps in game no quest or monster added in game yet.




Hope you find a new trustworthy acquaintance. Good luck with the game. Also the romance idea is interesting

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-Update 30/04/2021
(You will find the same message on our discord although I hate to copy and paste)

As promised, this was the first step in order to speed up the work. Here is our patreon, there are still low rewards for the moment I understand.

It is above all not to slow us down too much in our work, the goal is to accelerate the release. However I intend to thank the most invested as soon as I have the opportunity. On patreon, as well as on the discord and my super graphic designers who produce a great work. In order to do a transparent work I will post regular updates on patreon and previews .

Here is the link : Weight World Online is creating MMO Kink related to feederism | Patreon


Update 04/05/2021
's been more than a week since I’ve updated. So I’m going to take an overview of what we’ve done.

I added a lot of extra stuff in the game :
-You can now cut herbs in the game, this will give you some coins. /

-A mining feature has also been created in the same style but with big rocks and bombs except that you get gems.

-About the fights. There will be two systems :
One like zelda as expected, nothing more to say about it with magic, sword bows and so on. You can gain experience, money and loot food by this way.

The second one is in first view, it will only be available in certain very specific areas. That allows to propose two different styles.

-The final point :
There will be 4 factions in the game, Vaures/Sahlts/Shugar/Pheeders.
You will have to join one at the beginning of your adventure, the goal will be to make your leader as big and fat as possible in order to get bonuses, in competition with the other factions. This will be in cooperation with the other players of your faction.

Here are the 4 leaders :
-Vaurhin leader of the Vaures faction
-Feedora leader of the Pheeders faction
-Sahltia leader of the Sahlts faction
Sugaria leader of the Shugar faction

That’s all for now, thanks for your attention.

Don’t hesitate to support us on Patreon !