Mochi Moshi! [Fully Funded!!]

Wait… wait a minute… you’re not kidding… the gods have truly blessed us.


Thank you all T.T Truly the kindest words from all of you…
I’m working away at this project to ensure it meets it’s hype… <3


Great interest


I found out about it today. Woah, the idea is awesome! Can’t wait, I show my support for you! Good luck


Thank you so much! Development is chuggin right along!
My co-writer and I are writing so much of the story right now trying to make every path as wonderful as the others!!
Thank you for your wonderful support <3


Clothes burst I feel is rare.
Looks interesting so far.


Progress is going excellently. I do monthly reports on my Patreon to higher tier subs!
I don’t want to give out any numbers or expectations, and I’m not urging you to support me, but if you’re curious the information is out there to 7 dollar tier subs.


is yummygoods the correct patreon for this? or is there another patreon separate for mochimoshi?

Yes, it is. You’ll get some good artpieces as a “bonus”, so no problem in my opinion. :wink:


Yup!! It’s Yummy Goods is creating Digital Art, Comics and Stories | Patreon the 7 Dollar tier, and you get two patreon exclusive full colored monthly images too! I promise at least one informational update a month on the game’s progress!
Also thank you FrozenSoul94!


For a minute I thought this might have been one of the biggest swindles of the entire site, then I checked the patreon and yes it is still in development, as far as I know

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I want to be completely transparent here saying that it’s a two person team, me as the main writer and an anonymous co-writer who helped develop the world and shape it into one of the most fun things I’ve ever created. It’s almost been a year since the inception coming up and I want to say creating a 24 ending transformation/expansion/weight gain game with unique content in each of the routes takes about as long as you would expect it to make. And unless you’re expecting it done in a month, you pretty much know it’s going to be a larger one.
I know there’s a lot of projects that don’t fall through, complications with other people, loss of interests and etc, but since this team is essentially me doing all of it with a very close friend helping round out the script, it’s not exactly the speediest work, but it is going to be finished.
People want estimates and I don’t want to give those out because people love to calculate specific dates and estimates and then be disappointed, you guys know how cyberpunk went. But my goal is to hopefully be done with the main script before we close off the first year of writing it. And with that basically half of the game will be finished in terms of creation. That being said the script is NOT done and those are just things I am striving for as a creator.
I don’t really owe anyone an explanation on the speed of things considering it’s actually chugging along quite well, but if you wanted some sort of actual clarification as someone who donated but didn’t back the patreon tier, here’s that progress report.
That being said if there’s anything you guys want to specifically know about in the future I can report if that’s been discussed, thought about or hasn’t even been touched. I know this community is super active and wants the same things I want, more weight gain video games.
I hope to provide a very unique WG Visual Novel/Toy to the world and hopefully follow it up with some interesting stuff afterwards. Once this is done who knows what is next for Yummy Goods. But for now, the sights are still set and in full blast for Mochi Moshi.
Thanks again for everyone who cares!


YES this game is still in production, it’s a big one, and I’m not stopping.

I know a big wall of text can be scary and people will instantly think “OH NO THE GAME IS DONE FOR!” but I wanted to give a lengthier statement publicly somewhere.

I also posted an adapted version of the previous post on Patreon for a cleaned up view if you would want to also view that statement here:


They have a new page over at Yummy Goods on


Thank you for alerting everyone I’m going to update the main links!