Monster boy collecting game

Inspired by a conversation with @Vox_ilous

You know what’d be cool,
if we gathered as many male fat/ bhm artists as we can and made a monster boy collecting game.

maybe something like pokemon?
Evolution system, like from Pokémon, could be used to navigate thought each character’s plot.
So you need to do x to make Damien evolve into a tiger shark or do Y for whale shark Damien.
With story beats upon capture, during progressing to the evolution and upon the final transformation.
it’ll be called Porkymon
you could have a bear lad in this hypothetical videogame and he could become a dessert loving spectacled bear or a protein junkie polar bear depending on what you feed him leading to different stats and elemental abilities

the battles with be sumo fights and it’ll have some dating simulator which could decide the evolutionary path of your chosen party members.

I’m willing to provide direction and dialogue but I’ll need assistance with a lot of the technical and visual elements of this project.


If there is interest from volunteers offering help in the project, I can promise there will be at least a developer.

I have already found an artist