Monster rancher-like sim/rpg game

Continuing to love this. Super stoked to see this as polished as you want it, when you declare a release!

Just added a new chat to the discord specifically for more spoilerish content like later stage stage monsters and even bosses soon. If you don’t care at all for spoilers and want to do some early voting on designs and stuff join and follow the instructions in #dev-log channel

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I’m already a part of too many discord servers(and I’m not even that active). XD

So I think I’ll just stay out here, and wait patiently for info(should you deem it worth posting), and an eventual playable form.

Just wanna say youre game look fantastic. And the artwork is really nice. Also i love the idea by having monsters and fatten them up and power them up


What used to bug me about the first two entries in the series is that when a monster reached a certain age (depending on what species it was), it would pass on. Hopefully, that kind of system won’t be implemented in this game, Omega.

definitely won’t be built around perma-death mechanics


Harpy is currently being redesigned which style do you like better?

  • A. Wings
  • B. Armwings

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Umm, I voted for wings, but since most people seem to prefer armwings, I’m just gonna say why I didn’t like the arm wings and that’s because I think the hands are just a bit too big. Other than that I think she’s great, can’t wait to play the first demo!

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Since it’s pretty close I think there could be a compromise, having early stage wings and the later stages armwings.

or alt looks option with the vote showing the focuse

or just have variety 50%/50% if you found one with wings later you can found one with armwings our other one with only wings

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you can also do it like, like, there can be little claws on the wings not unlike bats kinda, and she uses those to grab on things and stuff

You could always go the Monster Musume route.


Or Interspecies Reviewer.

Both works either way.

this seems to be turning out very good, keep going!

So more akin to a Dryad? Noice!

Quick question: how much weight gain do you hope to have in this game; will it be the focus of it or something similar?

Sounds like it’s the main method of making your girls stronger.

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It’s not the focus of the story or anything like that, its a stat that modifies combat and production in monsters.
It’s the main resource for the “evolution” system, instead of accumulating exp for the new forms, in this game you have to reach a certain level of weight, then you can metamorph the monsters, this returns them to thin in a new form, then you can repeat this cycle to get a new form again or keep them that way and perfect them or whatever.

The rest of the game is battling, ranching and researching.


And it’s a game that actually in production! That’ll eventually be released, rather than go nowhere like so many projects before! I can’t wait(I can, it’s an expression)! :heart_eyes: