More races?

so like, i know that there’s the catgirl and cow ingame, and there’s a mod that adds in dragons, but aside from those are there any more? i don’t want to come off as weird, but a couple more monster types would be perfect

I agree, we are a bit limited on non-human options, its a struggle to even get a singular nekomata (the cat people) and the cow people are way too difficult to recruit because if you explain the proxy device too early you get (unfairly) locked out of any further interaction with the cow person in question

I think more full-on furry races would be nice


same here man, same here

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I was trying to build a Lamia race a while back… though I’m not sure if I knew enough about what I was doing to actually achieve that. Don’t 100% remember the issue, but I’m pretty sure it had to do with the fact that they didn’t have legs and I couldn’t figure-out how to set things up properly.

Could definitely use some more monstergirls, though.

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