Multimedia designer, at your (free) service

Hey ya’ll,
Just wanted to introduce myself. I am a pro multimedia designer. While my day job is primarily video production and editing, i also am a motion graphics designer, photoshop compositor, music composer and sound designer (well, i dabble in sound design).

You may actually know some of my work and not realize it. If you remember playing Rounder Softer’s Stuffing Lila game, i did the music for that. I may have done the sound design too, but it was so long ago i don’t remember.

While i’d love to show you my professional work, i would like to keep that separate from fetish related things.

If any of you have questions about this stuff, would like me to design anything, or would like to see nonwork related pieces, please feel free to ask.

When i do freelance, i typically work for pay, but for stuff like this, i will work often work for free. My only 2 caveats are that 1) if you want me to do requests or do pro bono work, that you stay respectful of my time; i do have a lot of projects i work on plus a family, so while i will try to get your requests done quickly, life gets in the way sometimes. And 2) if you are building a paid team and would like me to join that team, please be reasonable and include me on that payment roster.

Other than that, hi, anything i can do to help?


Hey welcome :slightly_smiling_face:. I would like to see some of your nonwork pieces if that’s alright with your.

for music, you can listen over here:

I’ll admit, I’m a bit rusty with music, its been a while since I’ve written something, but the knowledge is still up there, just need some motivation to do it.

as for motion graphics, I realize now that most of my stuff is either work work related or side projects I don’t necessarily want associated with fetish stuff…heh.
But you can watch this VERY short clip of a stream intro I started that inevitably got scrapped before I could finish due to a change of plans.

I’ve also attached a couple examples of photoshopping I’ve done in relation to weight gain/etc. To be honest, these were some of the easier pieces I’ve done in my career. I can basically do full scale matte paintings and stuff if needed, it’ll just take me a while depending on the amount of detail needed and my access to resource material.

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Nice, they look pretty good :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks, like I said, these were easier ones I’ve done. I can’t really show you the best stuff. As I don’t want employers to find out and then can me, lol.

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Welcome! Happy to have you here with us and it is very generous of you to offer your services to people in this community with such reasonable terms.

Thanks, I’ve lurked here long enough.

I’ve realized I don’t have the patience or know how for game creation, but if you can use .mov transparent graphics or matte paintings or music or something, let me know, and I’ll see if we can’t figure it out

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