My introduction

Hey, everyone. I’m another lurker deciding to come out of the dark here. I’ve found this site before the last major update, but I made my account the first time in this update, and I’ve already made a few posts, but I still think a formal introduction like this one will make me comfortable speaking more often.

As for me, I’m studying a bit of programming, but as it is now, I only know how to use the C language, so I’ll probably not be making any games soon. I also have RPGmaker, and I don’t know the basics of it. I could learn how to use it, but something similar to all those creative and interesting games that come from there is not something on my scope right now.

What I can do right now is help with ideas and critique, but I’m mostly here to enjoy the show and see people’s creativity spur life in fun and exciting games.


Hello! Hope you have fun over here.

Welcome to the forums. How much C do you know?

I know the entirety of its basics. I can do functions, loops, else/ifs, etc., but I’m still not an experienced C programmer.

Welcome to the forums fellow C programmer! I hope you will find many projects here that you will enjoy.

Well, welcome pertuie! I do hope you manage to advance more, as I feel like you may have potential!