Myre’s Massive Mealtime - A first date experience (v0.3 out now for patrons 6/22/22!)

Just checking in to say the plan is to have the next build out on patreon this week. To be clear, there will be something this week, the only variable is how much more I get done. There is already five thousand words of new content + implemented systems. I’d just like to get more done before I put the next rough build out =)


Tomorrow, 5/20/2022, I’ll be releasing version 0.2 for 10$ patrons and up to access as a thanks for their pledges.

I generally want to try and have things out at the start of the month in the future, but this update will be out almost exactly a month from the first version, so, I’m not to upset.

To be clear, this is still very much alpha content. It's a rough draft.

And so, there are spelling errors, grammar errors, weird wordyness, missing dialogue, and abrupt endings. Those kind enough to pledge are funding development, so in exchange they get to see how the sausage is made. The funding is going to fund more art, music, and just, living expenses while development goes on.

So what is in the update tomorrow?
I’ll have a larger post tomorrow to lay out what is in v0.2, but generally, it has a bit of extra descriptive text in the beginning, and a cluster of eating/feeding content. There will be some stubbed out pathways but there is still probably around six thousand more words of content, spread out based on choices. My goal tonight is just to see how many stubbed paths I can finish, so i can focus on cleanup and what not.

Thank you everyone for your generous support!


Version 0.2 is out now for patrons

Update includes:

  • Actual eating content! As this included the appetizer portion of the date, you can choose what foods you split (or maybe just what food Myre eats). There are options that are always available, but your choices in the first part affect what additional choices are available. Not all choices have any payoff yet, and some are still unfinished. But this is still an alpha build.
  • Sprite change systems. As Myre eats stuff, her sprites can actually change to reflect this.
  • Other background systems, like flags allowing for limiting content to certain choices.

For the next version I may spend some time polishing and filling out this content a bit for public release to act as a demo.


I put up a poll on patreon to help decide weather next month I focus on polish, or on adding more content:

If i focus on polish, then my goal is to make a sort of nice alpha demo for the first public release. I have a few plans to make that extra nice but I don’t want to show my hand just yet. In that case, the demo would come out for 2 dollar patrons for a month, then come out free for everyone.

Then Future WIPs would be out for 10 dollar patrons again. TBH This is how I prefer to write? Get a bunch of rough content down on the page, let it sit for like a month or more, then come back to revise it.

Anyway, go vote in the poll!


June news!

I Intend to have another patron update out this month in between two or three weeks (around the 23rd or 24th, depending on crunch. Or it may come sooner if i’m especially productive). I polled my patrons at the end of last month. I asked them if i should focus this update on adding more rough content, or polishing what is already there. 79% voted to continue with rough content, so that’s what the plan is, to finish some of the stubbed stuff in the appetizer section, and start getting into the pre-entree conversation options.

What else is coming?

More art. I’m reluctant spoil what’s coming, But Clinko has already graciously completed some of the things I requested. BTS patrons can see that art already in the Forbidden knowledge folder. I also have something else lined up that may or may not come this month, and am also looking to arrange some other fun things.

What about a public demo?
Sure, good question. I do at some point want to polish the first couple sections up for public release. Maybe for July? We’ll see. I’ll let you know once I have more plans.

In the mean time you can always look at my other social media for other content. Stories and even short comics.

Patreon Juxtaterrestrial is creating Belly focused fetish content | Patreon
Deviantart: Juxtaterrestrial - Professional, Writer | DeviantArt


I definitely recommend to people that they should put out at least one public version of their game. It doesn’t have to be continually updated, but for a paid game it is hard to commit money on a game without ever playing it. So having an early version build to get an idea of if the writing style/art style/play style match up with what someone likes is extremely helpful to determining if someone wants to put money towards the game. So I’m glad to hear there will be a public demo :slight_smile:

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There is/was always going to be a free public version. The question is just about “when” =)

And i totally get it’s hard to justify spending money on a game without playing it. That’s why I specify that the money for the Behind The Scenes tier is to support development. The point of the tier is that for the generous support they get to see stuff ahead of time - before it’s all ready. To see how the sausage is made for my stories and comic, but yes, also the visual novel. Obviously they also get to comment if they want, but no one has had anything to say yet, haha.

I just hope people enjoy it.

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Brief update! I still intend to have something out for patrons next week with a bit of new art, and additional writing.

But in the meantime, you can check out this wonderful belly play animation of Myre:


Very short post: Update will be out for BTS patrons this week. 6/23/22 or 6/24/22 depending of course that things work when I want them to in regards to posting.


Version 0.3 is out now for patrons!

Update includes:

  • over 3,000 more new words of content + a little bit of revisions here and there.
  • art for 2 new emotion poses provided by Clinko ( holding belly/stomach with embarrassed and flirty variations)
  • Art for a close up reaction

At this point 90% of the appetizer content(for this draft) is done. There is one appetizer option i may cut and replace because I don’t think it’s that cool, honestly. That’s why it’s not finished yet, haha! Maybe I can do a vote on it later?

Anyway a large amount of the writing is in the two versions of the weird ice cream flavor appetizer options. Give it a look.

Here is a cute teaser that shows off some of the new art:


This update is available for 10 dollar Behind The Scenes patrons here: