Myre’s Massive Mealtime - A first date experience (v0.35 out now for patrons 7/21/22!)

Hey, I have an important poll on my DA (and patreon) about AI/bot generated art.

I’m looking for feedback before making any real choices. But i need information before I do that!

I did it. The current content now has sounds mapped to key moments.

I tried to be sparing and tactical about it. Not every path has the same amount of sounds because i figure if you’re on a more gluttonous route that just going to be a noisier situation. And As i said before, you can turn them off in the options menu.

This isn’t technically the end of the sound, as I add more writing next, I’ll be adding sounds as I go.

I updated the chart.


Added a separate page for the content toggles, and renamed the about page to credits because i wrote nice things about people there and you should read it.

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I’ve finished stubbing out the intended dialogue choices to be written for the next couple/few updates. There is 6 pre-entre dinner conversation topics, and one of them with sub choices inside. I intend to add more, but I figure this is a good starting place.

Of particular interest when I’ve written it, if you have the right flag and condition, you’ll be able to compliment Myre’s belly. That should be fun.

Besides that with me stubbing out the choices I’ve made the choice myself of introducing a few new sort of sub-paths. Basically things i didn’t feel warranted a whole track through the VN, but would be cool to see variations for. In particular, I figure if you’re bold enough to complement your date’s belly, bold enough the breech that topic, that should come up in conversation again, right? So in later dialogue, it should be easy for me to make Myre make an offhand comment on her belly, or subtly change up her dialog now that she knows for sure you’re interested in it.

I’ve added one sort of new main path(unlockable from this set of conversation choices only), and two of these sub-paths.

As for release timeline, v0.4 will be out for $10 BTS patrons on the 19th

v0.35 will be out for all patrons on the same day! August 19th!

LINK: Juxtaterrestrial is creating Belly focused fetish content | Patreon