Myre’s Massive Mealtime - a stuffing game that you can play right now (v0.37)

wish i could play it, sadly the early access tier doesn’t give early access to it so i’ll have to wait haha

The early access tier still gets a month of exclusive time for public releases. v0.42 will never be publicly released. But the content in it will be released for free as part of a larger update in the future (once it’s polished and looking nice!).

The Higher tier is for people eager to support development. As a thanks I share buggy unfinished content with them. There’s nothing stopping them from making suggestions either, but no one has really done that yet.

But anyway, you can play the currently released demo in the original post right now =)

Ah, that was a little confusing to me so thanks for clearing it up! I’ll have to consider the next tier then haha

Hi Juxtaterrestrial, long time admirer of your work. This project looks very interesting and I look forward to becoming a patreon member in the near future when my finances allow.

I have tried downloading the public demo on multiple occasions now, they all seem to download correctly in full and extract properly with a flie unzipper (7-Zip), however it won’t open when prompted to. I’ve tried downloading using Edge and Opera with no avail, so I don’t know why it won’t open?
I’m using a Windows 11 laptop and downloading the file from Google Chrome, latest bulid.

Please could you advise?

Thank you in advance.

I’m not sure. maybe it’s a windows 11 thing?

What does it say when you try to run it. that would help a lot.

New patreon version is out: Myre’s Massive Mealtime - development (v0.49 - belly discussion 11/24) - #87 by Juxtaterrestrial

Gif is related, it’s a piece of the new wip update