Myre’s Massive Mealtime - development (v0.51 - spicy burger 2/21)

Download MMM v0.51 now available for patrons who support me on the BTS tier:

This update fleshes out most of the spicy burger section of dinner(minus some alternative options at the end of it). It’s got a few major variations based on your choices.

v0.51 Changes:

-New content
–Writing! ~3000 more words of writing bringing the total word count up to over 26k. This is almost all in the spicy burger dinner option. There is a several major variations for a few different choices
–Art! I made composite sprites of previous poses to create 2 new poses for each outfit and did the behind the scenes work to shift things around to make the project organization a bit cleaner!

Without patron support I wouldn’t be able to keep up development. Thank you!

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I’m running a poll for 10$ patrons on what content for MMM I should focus on besides just more writing.

Vote here:

Glorious gave development update!

Personal issues + medication shortage + the DST switch has messed me up this month, but still have I have stuff to share…

Spent way too man hours trying to figure out how to do a tiny thing! Very fun haha!

icon fade

The feature I have in mind is that a notification will pop up when the dialog branches because you’ve made a choice. This will show up way more as you progress through the VN (because more choices made that i can reference).

I want to fight against the whole “If you do your job right people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all”. I put a lot of work into trying to make the branches coming back together feel seamless, so this is my way of showing the player that “Hey, you made a choice before and here is a bit of pay off!”

The food blob is just a test asset. I’m not sure what I want the icon to say, but I’m happy to hear suggestions! I think anything with ‘new’ is probably not great. It’s a bit misleading. Maybe something like “Choice content!” or something.

I have more stuff for this month’s update to mention a little later, too!


When something is different, but you just can’t put your finger on it…





Plan is to have a release for patrons out this weekend. There will definitely be an update out soon. The timing just depends on how much extra stuff i can get done!