Myre’s Massive Mealtime - development (v0.521 - start pasta 5/26)

Download MMM v0.51 now available for patrons who support me on the BTS tier:

This update fleshes out most of the spicy burger section of dinner(minus some alternative options at the end of it). It’s got a few major variations based on your choices.

v0.51 Changes:

-New content
–Writing! ~3000 more words of writing bringing the total word count up to over 26k. This is almost all in the spicy burger dinner option. There is a several major variations for a few different choices
–Art! I made composite sprites of previous poses to create 2 new poses for each outfit and did the behind the scenes work to shift things around to make the project organization a bit cleaner!

Without patron support I wouldn’t be able to keep up development. Thank you!

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I’m running a poll for 10$ patrons on what content for MMM I should focus on besides just more writing.

Vote here:

Glorious gave development update!

Personal issues + medication shortage + the DST switch has messed me up this month, but still have I have stuff to share…

Spent way too man hours trying to figure out how to do a tiny thing! Very fun haha!

icon fade

The feature I have in mind is that a notification will pop up when the dialog branches because you’ve made a choice. This will show up way more as you progress through the VN (because more choices made that i can reference).

I want to fight against the whole “If you do your job right people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all”. I put a lot of work into trying to make the branches coming back together feel seamless, so this is my way of showing the player that “Hey, you made a choice before and here is a bit of pay off!”

The food blob is just a test asset. I’m not sure what I want the icon to say, but I’m happy to hear suggestions! I think anything with ‘new’ is probably not great. It’s a bit misleading. Maybe something like “Choice content!” or something.

I have more stuff for this month’s update to mention a little later, too!


When something is different, but you just can’t put your finger on it…





Plan is to have a release for patrons out this weekend. There will definitely be an update out soon. The timing just depends on how much extra stuff i can get done!

Download MMM v0.515 now available for patrons who support me on the BTS tier:

Fun stuff this month! I got less done this month than I wanted to, but a big reason for that was that I couldn’t get a refill on my medication for two weeks. Withdrawal isn’t the greatest thing for productivity.

But besides that I do have a set of stuff for you all! A bit of writing, new expression composites, new expression/pose integration, and what? Holy shit new level 4 belly size sprites!

v0.515 Changes:


  • 1000 more words spread around a few locations ( variations at the end of the spicy burger content, revised and new stuff in the first few choices of the game, and the first bit of the big burger content)
  • 3 new expressions I made by compositing existing faces. More faces means more subtle detail
  • I went through the first few choice moments of the game (up to just before you order an appetizer) and revised the poses and expressions used there. So the first bit of the VN should feel a lot more expressive now with all the extra facial and body language! I also added a bit of text here and there in those parts. Extra conversation and stuff to compliment the new poses. (I did this because of the poll results here:
  • I added an interface feature. Through the game there is variations of conversations that you only see when you’ve made specific choices. I do a lot of work to make those seams as subtle as possible. But I’m afraid of the whole “If you’ve done your job right, people will question if you’ve done anything at all”. So I added an icon that pops up whenever you enter a block of dialogue resulting from your choices.
  • And last but definitely not least, this month’s update has new level 4 belly sprites! Currently, it should be possible to see the sprites in game? Maybe? The numbers I threw in were basically “this sounds fine”. I will be balancing the unlock requirements later anyway. In 1.0 the goal is for the level 4 belly size to be pretty elusive.

April huh?

I definitely have to admit that it’s been a slow development month. No way does it have anything to do with me dragging myself through glass to get these dumb cat ears in Resident Evil 4…

Nope. Definitely didn’t lose a bunch of time to the Resident Evil 4 remake… And to Resident Evil Village…

But anyway, here is something to do with the development of MMM that is interesting!

myre toss wip3
This is very much a WIP - but it’s working. I definitely intend to polish up the animation too.

Myre with level 4 belly does not have apron because belly + apron is difficult. Clinko thankfully wave me a fun sprite so i could make a transition from her having an apron to her not having her apron on.

So this little animation is for the case where you’re using her work outfit, and you reach belly level 4. The game will interrupt the flow, play this, then drop you back where you were.

Took way to long to get working because of uhhh… renpy documentation clarity issues. But it’s here.

I can see maybe it could cause situations of odd flow with dialoge. But I think it’ll be fine!


I love this amazing belly gif, how many frames is it? 4?5?

Thanks for the comment! It’s not a gif - it’s pictures I’ve shown at different times through renpy. But that’s kind of splitting hairs. It’s 5 stages of animation currently.

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The extra frames of arm/hand motion I feel really help sell it. The 5 frames are a lot more interesting than 2 frame transitions I’ve seen before. Also, yeah, sorry if gif is the wrong term for something that is not a gif but works like a gif.

Obviously i’d love to include more detail wherever I can. it just so happened i have some extra hand positions to work with this time =)

When i next get a chance to tweak it i’d like to decouple the dropping of the apron from the hand movement. And time them separately. I have some other things i’d like to tweak and add too. Hopefully i get some writing done before that though haha

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Download MMM v0.52 now available for generous patrons who support me on the BTS tier:

This was a rough month. More issues with getting meds and top that with getting sucked into the Resident Evil 4 remake. Still i think i have some good stuff for you all! And this makes 1 full year since the first release!

v0.52 changes

  • ~2000 more words mostly to finish off the big burger dinner option.
  • A bit more revision of expressions used in the early game
  • A really fun new animation that plays when you are using Myre’s work outfit, and go from belly size 3 to 4. This took a lot of banging my head against the wall to get working haha
  • Revised the fullness numbers a bit so that belly size 3 and 4 are more easily accessible. Will be re-balanced further in the future too.
  • Fixed a few bugs that were causing the wrong dialog to be played in a few later places.

myre toss wip4

And here is an in context version of the animation i showed off before!


myre toss wip6

Download MMM v0.521 now available for generous patrons who support me on the BTS tier:

Med changes and distracting games were rough this month. But things are progressing well!

v0.521 changes

  • ~1000 more words bringing the total close to 30k! I did about 1/4th of the dialog for the pasta dinner option, and i also outlined all the pasta paths. It’s fewer words but similar amount of work for me as last month.

  • Revised more expression during the appetizers. about 1/3rd done

  • I worked on the animation I added last month. I drew a smear from for it and made the timing tighter in general!


I accidentally released a version with some testing content at the start of the game, but that’s fixed now!