Myre’s Massive Mealtime - development (v0.56 - 9/26 BIG steak)

Game status update

It’s been awhile since I laid out plans.

So with the pasta dinner option out of the way that means only one food option is left for the rough draft of dinner options I had planned. Next month I will be starting on steak. The real meat.

Burger, pasta, and steak are kind of not super inclusive. My goal is to have the foods I choose help illustrate something about the character or have some kind of specific fun or sexy moment. I don’t just want to include a food for food’s sake. Another is that I want to make it feel like the conversations you have build off of what you’ve talked about before. So rather than dinner just giving you another list of foods, I want each dinner entree to be reactive. Sure, it’s only three base level choices, but they end up breaking down into different results. For example the recent pasta update will play out very differently if you’ve been flirting with Myre from the start than if you haven’t.

So steak is up next. I think it will be very enjoyable. The sort of basic variations are

  • big steak

  • split challenge steak

  • Suggest Myre eats the whole challenge steak

  • Myre suggests that she eat the challenge steak herself (with two possible fun variations)

Those options may get shifted or structured differently as I outline stuff next month, but that’s the general idea of what’s next.

Beyond July and Beyond Steak

Well very generally after dinner comes post dinner talk. That will have more than just talk though. A lot of fun content waits there. Stuff like belly rubs and listening to Myre’s stomach. That’s when the fetish dialogue can get even more direct(because I’ve been trying to make things escalate through the date, rather than just starting with it all at the go).

And then after that is dessert and then the ending content.

BUT before I move on to post dinner talk, I want to go back and polish the content up until dinner.

These projects get bigger over time. For example sounds were a bit of scope creep. But I really enjoy their inclusion. To help prevent getting bogged down, my approach has been to focus on writing and add extra stuff later. I make a lot of notes to myself at places where things would be good to add. Sounds and dialogue.

So what will post dinner polishing look like?

  • Dialogue edits. Rephrasing. New dialogue. Smoothness.

  • Extending current sound up to dinner. New sounds too.

  • More little animations. Probably more expressions. Extending new expressions throughout.

  • More reactions and choices and reactions to those choices.

That last one will be good. Polishing won’t just mean the same content. I want to widen the experience. An example of this is during the pre dinner talk options i added the ability to comment on Myre’s belly, or her appetite if certain conditions are met. This sets a flag. After those events there are places where dialog is different if you have those flags. Makes sense. You’ve talked about how big her belly already is, so when you order MORE food it’s logical that her gut would come up again.

I already have places marked to add small variations for that. But during the polish pass, I want to add more situations to unlock more flags. Maybe a burp flag if you decide to comment on her burping. A belly sounds flag. I have in my mind to allow you to comment on Clara being rude and that could maybe lead to some fun moments or confrontations ; )

This year has had a lot of challenges that’ve slowed me down, but it’s because I set up a roadmap last year that things have progressed consistently.

It is because of the generous support of patrons that I am able to consistently work on this project.

Without them I’d probably have not gotten nearly as much done, or would have had to abandon the project to find other ways to get by. I know I’ve mentioned it a bunch, but I had my motherboard fail this last week. That was a big out of pocket cost. So if you like the project, maybe you’d be able to help out in a small way?

I am extraordinarily lucky that Baldurs Gate 3 comes out after my deadline for July’s Patreon update.


It’s an update woo hoo! 16 month streak!

Download MMM v0.54 now available for generous patrons who support me on the BTS tier:

This month I wrote about steaks, but also outlined a ton for the next few month’s content. I also poked around with another side game project.

v0.54 changes

  • ~2500 more words! Which is less than last month, but this month I also outlined a bunch of what I will be writing the next few months(important groundwork). What is that? Steaks! Big ones. The scene I added this month, is the dinner option i think will be the most fun and gluttonous. First up is the basic option unlocked by just having the gluttony path unlocked. It’s also got a few variations, with more outlined for the future.

  • Also android version again. That’s probably just the plan from now on, but I had to install everything again to make that happen.



Despite BG3 doing its absolute best to absorb my soul, work does proceed for an update this month. More steak is being written about. I’ve also started adding some flags here and there to make further little bits of reactivity easy to reference.

I have the whole of the current steak variant outlined and stubbed and my hope is to get it finished for this month!

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Up to over 2k words for this update so far. And i have more I’ll be writing! It seems likely the total word count will pass 40k this update!

Also here is a teaser of a new BG that’s being worked on. A new establishing shot.


I made Myre eat the android and I’m going to use it until i have better visuals to promote with =P

Anyway: Download MMM v0.55 now available for generous patrons who support me on the BTS tier:

v0.55 changes

  • Almost 3k more words! Wordcount is now passed 40k total! More steak this month, but now you can split a huge challenge steak with Myre, even though she has more than her ‘fair’ share.

  • I laid the groundwork for future additional reactivity. I made it easier for me to reference food’s Myre has eaten That’s not fun for you yet, but it’s there haha


So awhile ago, last year around this time, i did a sketch using 2 point perspective for an establishing shot of the restaurant. I’d planned to finish itself up myself but life and stuff got in the way.

ANYWAY earlier this year I arranged to have DecisiveTang paint the actual image for use in the game. And now it’s finished and implemented!


Download MMM v0.56 now available for generous patrons who support me on the BTS tier:

AHH panicked screeching. Really had a rough time this crunch week. Lots of things went wrong. But here is the update! But it’s done!

This month the new content is a Variant on last month’s content. This time if you have the glutton tag, flirt tag, but NOT the intimate tag you can get an option where when you suggest the challenge steak, Myre is like “Okay that’s for me, what are you going to have?”

Next month I want to finish the last two steak variants. Or at least 1. My hope is that they come pretty quick. Once Those are done It’ll be off to revisions and polish land to make things better and nicer before going into more conversation, desserts, and ending fun. Stay tuned!

v0.56 changes

  • 4k more words! More big ass steak! This time Myre eats all of it.

  • A new background by DecisiveTang - the restaurant exterior!

  • 2 new belly sizes for the close up eating sprites by Clinko!