//NAME: The Heft Effect //VERSIONS: 0.3 on Patreon / 0.2 on Itch

If you’re playing on Windows tho, they do have the Game Bar which makes taking screenshots and recording very easy (I use it all of the time for my screenshots and trailers I use on the storepages) Windows Icon + Alt + Print Screen takes a screenshot and Windows + G opens the Game Bar to view and access them (Windows + Alt + R starts and ends recordings)

Some games can make it into something more; as an example, the Ace Attorney series makes use of dramatic pauses, mid-sentence sprite changes, differing text speeds, characters who automatically ramble onto the next line, characters getting automatically interrupted, and even messing around with the accompanying “blips” in a few memorable instances. Buuuut, if there’s nothing special going on, just blocks of text, then I do prefer a very high to instant text speed.


@SomeInvisiblePerson That’s a really good point honestly! As for the Heft Effect, the main focus is the 3D models (so hiding the UI and ‘instant text’ will definitely be good additions) Having those elements in the text would definitely be a good skill to have tho, and something I should teach myself further down the road


This is really good!


@partly Thank you so much! :white_heart: I’ve made a few games before, but this is my first 3D modeled game, so I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Has anyone had success on the Mac 0.1 version on Itch? I’m trying to download it to test run the game and am getting " The application “The Heft Effect” can’t be opened."

@jcc309 Mac has it’s own security that makes it hard to run games from ‘unknown sources’ like Itch. Here’s a link to a youtube video that may help: https://youtu.be/w8r2oMwsgMg

That got it working, thanks!

The demo is extremely short, so I would like to see more to get a feel for the game. The character renders look good though, and I like how you flip from character to character for conversations.

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@jcc309 Glad it worked and you enjoyed it so far!

V0.2 is currently available on Patreon with V0.3 on it’s way mid-June, V0.2 will make it’s way to Itch around that time too

V0.2 now available on Itch!

V0.3 on Patreon!

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Is there a changelist somewhere for .3?

@jeffskeep Added in an instant text option and ‘tab’ to hide UI. Then basically more story, increased weight gain on the girls, and a new minigame

I love the feel of this game it is like Reality Breaking or my PC got a virus again and I do not know what crazy thing will happen next.

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:joy::joy: @Fuzzd22 im glad you like it so far!