Need suggestions for events

Hi! I’m thinking of making a game where two people are dating. They’re talking about wg in relationships, and your character says it’d never happen to them. Their SO takes them up on that, and gets them to agree to eat everything they’re given within reason. You then take control and can try to stave off the gain or just accept it.

My issue atm is that I don’t have many ideas for random events that can happen that would have some small effect on your energy level, money or weight. Any suggestions?

How about a Fair come in to town: there is tons of food and lots of rides so it will be fun to have to pick both going on rides to stop from eating to much or hit all the booths and eat a ton of food also trying to keep the person you are dating happy.

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Hmm… I have some ideas.

  • Gluttony- Perhaps having a gluttony meter or value that makes it difficult for one to resist certain choices. This can play in part with a hunger bar, having high hunger means your gluttony may or may not increase as you try and fill it. Your gluttony may also include certain things you are particular with, say you enjoy chocolate then your ability to resist chocolate is less than compared to other foods. This can be a way for your date to try and figure out what you like (since they are still dating, meaning a game can be built around how much the both of you interact) and try to weaken your resolve over time.

  • Capacity- As one gains weight there is no doubt your stomach capacity will also grow. This can be a way to prevent one from going overboard early game while being nearly endless at the endgame. This can be another way for your date to slowly push you to the fat side, while making it difficult to lose weight the more you indulge. It may even be possible for events to be shaped around how much you can eat or your date is able to succeed in pushing you to eat just a little bit more.

  • Will/Confidence- Connected to the other two will is how much you can easily resist against your gluttony, with it diminishing (and reclaiming) depending on what you do in the game. In a sense your own confidence can also take a hit as you pack on the pounds, meaning you may be less likely to do certain things while committing to others (ex: popping a pant button while in public, your shirt unable to hide your belly, etc.). To bring confidence back may require you to go out and do things by yourself, while seeing whether your date’s influence is affecting you while away (tying in with all three stats).

If you implement these you can greatly expand what you and your date can do, while adding some backstory to your date (secretly a feeder that would love to see you to a certain size or something else). In short interactions with your date will mainly be with them trying to turn you into a lazy butterball, from them trying to stop you from going to the gym to changing your order while out at dinner or if they can enter your home. Depending how far you go with the weight gain at some point the MC will need help at home since more weight= more energy consumption, doing daily tasks become difficult.
My only question is how real will this be? Are you going the Gaining Perspective way or will be much softer (and perhaps less weight) compared to that?

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Thank you, that’s really useful! I definitely won’t be going too realistic with it bc the whole medical issues or just needing help isn’t really my thing