New face in the forums

Hello everyone, former ‘ghost user’ here

I’m not good with words and I have no idea what to write, so… I got an account, hi! :wave:

I’ve visited this website on a somewhat regular basis for about 2 years now and I thought it might be a good idea to create an account and do stuff here. Mostly just comment and participate on stuff, I’m not exactly good with coding

Anyways, I’ll try to be active



I don’t think you’ll need to worry about “being bad with words”, since you seem to be doing just fine with this post!

I guess you’re right, it’s more of “I don’t know how to respond” or if it’s a good idea to respond or what type of information I should say

I’m just not socially adept, per se

Well, you’re not alone in that regard, I’m sure there’s a few socially awkward people in here (myself included). But as long as you’re being respectful of others privacy, interests and time, I’m sure you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Besides, the best way to combat being socially inept is to throw yourself out there, so you’ve already got one foot in the door for that one!

Welcome to the forums. Hopefully, you’ll feel comfortable enough to keep participating.

Welcome! Happy to have you here with us!

im also relatively new, so its always nice to talk with new+old members in here, and to make new friends.
this is a cool community, imho.

I’ll do my best at least