new life sim game form Paradox Tectonic Life by You

hi there i just saw the trailer of Life by You from Paradox Tectonic it will go in Early Access on the 12 Sep, 2023 it looks very good and super mod friendly i can not wait to see what thise community will make you can make in thise game everything like from what they say in dialog to traits and more love to hear what you all think


Quite a lot of Parodox’s sim games are moddable, so I can see a lot of potential here.

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The best part of this game, it’s pro nudity, so people don’t even have to make nude mods for this game, which seems great, and least I read it was pro nudity, since it’s made by a European company. I’m excited for this and I’m hoping to play this game right away.

Here is a trailer for those who haven’t seen it: Life by You - Announce Trailer - YouTube

The thing that excites me most about Life By You is that Paradox is making it a mod sandbox from the get-go, and letting players use their in-game dev tools. Without needing to know a single iota of coding, you can create your own dialogue trees and change object definitions (for example, one of the dev showcased how easy it was to give a Tree the “toilet” trait, and now characters were using it as a bathroom).

This means that it’s going to open up access for so many more people to get into modding, since doing little things like rewriting entire strings of dialogue can be done by anyone. And they’ve also teased things like a Quest editor, Triats editor, etc. that are all going to be within the game itself.

Of course they’ll have a full script editor too for the experienced modders to go wild. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the community creates.


Paradox has always been excellent about encouraging modding and making it more accessible in their games, I think this game is going to be a breath of fresh air.