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I am a Small game developer, recently began, I am working on making a game which uses weight as a system. but i am in need of people to try it, so far its only me and a guy who is helping me code whcih is fairly unproductive

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I’d be happy to try it

and If you would like some help you should consider opening a discord

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Well, this is definitely the site to talk about weight gain games! I’m looking forward to seeing your work~

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Welcome to that site! Always happy to have a new dev on the site!

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I actually Already have, the username is sentomis, I actually joined this places discord as well

So if we are working on a game does that instantly give us dev status, because that would be great advertising

If you’re interested in learning more about it feel free to look up elequeza on patreon, I would give you my discord directly but I am at work

We will be changing that title to something else soon. Dev status is the title from the old site that identified the main developer of what we now call curated projects.

So in short, unless your game becomes a curated project you will not gain Dev status. You can apply for it here:

OMG anonynn is a dev lol he assists my in my game

So will you rename the title itself, or create a new title? I don’t know.

I will keep the title so far, but eventually I will add more versions, and make separate game styles, like right now it’s just text, but I will progressively turn it into a normal rpg