New Roleplay Discord Server

Hi there, I’m creating a new discord roleplay server, sorry no name yet, and I’m looking for people interested to join.

Here are a few things to know:
• It’s a free-form chat roleplay with heavy focus on story and characters, there may be a fair amount of combat too, but not the dungeon crawling and level grinding kind of combat.
• I’m looking for around 2 to 4 players.
• We are going to be playing in 2-4 hours sessions a few times a week, but this is entirely negotiable.
• There is no concept of rooms in the games, instead only one room/scene runs at any time, but a game could swap between two or more scenes, think of it like how is done in movies, this is to keep all involved players informed of any happenings and the story coherent.
• The theme is on a per game basis, meaning that we decide on a theme once we start a new game, the could be anything, medieval fantasy, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, Pokémon, etc.
• Any one game/campaign is meant to last for a while, as an example a game based on a Pokémon journey will last until the journey is over, or that the game is no longer any fun. But it could go well past completion if it remains fun.
• The server isn’t wg/fat centric, instead it is something preferably used in character design, short-term status effects, and long-term character plots, or in general something that doesn’t fully hinder the character in combat, travel, development, etc.
• No experience is necessary, doesn’t matter if you are new to roleplaying or not. If you need some help getting started I’ll gladly offer my assistance.

I hope someone finds this interesting and would like to stop by.

Edit: I forgot to mention I live in Europe, in case you come into the server and I’m not replying, I might be asleep, but will reply as soon as I am able.

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the link doesnt seem to work