Nightmares that won't go away

I’ve been having a dream about my pokémon Heart Gold game where either it be glitches out pokémon, wrong pokémon shown, or new places that don’t exist in the game appear. The nightmares just keep adding on and on to the thing. Just wondering if anyone else has nightmares like this.

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I don’t know how easy this is to put into practice, but some time ago, I had a short chain of nightmares to the point where I was afraid of falling asleep. This stopped when I had a particularly weird one where one of those inflatable tube men emerged from my bathroom sink while I was browsing Wikipedia in the tub. I woke up and thought, “That was the dumbest fucking nightmare anyone’s ever had,” and that was the last one.

So, moral of the story: if possible, convince yourself that these dreams are silly, not scary. This may be easy if the nightmare only has to do with a glitched-out Pokemon game and not, idk, an actual demon hunting you down with an AK-47.

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