no Taur weight gain?

so I have yet to see weight gain games (seen tons of art) that has characters that can be called Taur’s (think cen-taur any character with a animal lower torso though insects or arachnids are a option)
while I can see said characters may be problomatic for how to gain weight but still why has no one tried?

I imagine it’s probably because its a niche (taurs) of a niche (monstergirl/furry) of a niche (wg) and, as you mentioned, challenging - so they pay off in terms of audience is slim. Having said that, I’ve played a game with taurs in it (CoC, Flexible Survival, …), and plan to eventually have them in Yaffaif - way down the line. It’s an interesting topic for WG, as Karloon’s stories show.


Another reason might be device limitations. I use RPG maker mv, and as there are no Taur characters their I can’t add them without making the sprites for them by hand.

I do agree in part. mostly not every Game needs art as well. as Dingotush used as example Coc and flexible survival are both mostly text based and don’t always need art.

how would you do weight gain for a normal taur? a centaur since I have seen a number of different kinds of taurs. or things like dyiders (spider centaurs for those that don’t understand the term) for me I imagine is a all around size increase outside the feet if they have hooves with dyiders (since I like them) going with a general size increase out side the abdomen that is the main source of size increase since its where most of the mass of a spider is and their butt. of course the more normal upper torso would be normal wg right?

In terms of how I do it, I break the body shape down into specific parts, that correspond to fairly simple mathematical shapes; rather like the way an artist might draw a very rough outline of a body. I take a couple of reference images (one thin, one fatter) and feed those into the model to calculate the volume in each version, and work out how the volume of each part has changed. Those deltas go into and array to distribute new weight between the parts. Then it can interpolate/extrapolate for any given weight. For a 'taur I just need another cylinder for animal part of the body and to increase the number of legs from 2 to 4.

Anything insectoid I needed would treat the insects abdomen (as opposed to the torso where the legs are attached) as a strange kind of tail. Though things are a little different as the majority of the gut and reproductive stuff is in there. I kind of imagine a fat drider (dryder) to be something like this or this, with the bulk of the additional weight in the creatures abdomen an human torso.

There are some questions around 'taurs biology though: is the stomach in the human part, the animal part, or both? For a WG game, there’s advantages to the multi-stomached animal part. There’s also the question of where any genitalia belong - are the on the human torso or the animal one. Or both?

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I have seen it in terms of male genitalia the most common is where the animal’s would be normaly on the lower torso. though breasts often they have teats and breasts.

OH yeah that was exactly what I was thinking just with a bit more general size growth as well

That’s kind of what I’d expect, and works to satisfy those who go for size. I’ve also seen male bits on the human torso, female bits on the animal torso, but I suspect only so there could be … well … chains of individuals involved.

I’m not sure how I feel about the “breasts everywhere” approach, though I know it is a thing to have several rows on both torsos.

most teats don’t have milk unless pregnant so most the time they may not even show up. but again its your opinion after all and your free to have your opinion

Doing it in the overworld sprites themselves would be troubling, but if you had them as enemies, you could at least have it shown.

It’s difficult to properly code, and construct two-character wide sprites.

still doesn’t explain for text based games witch personaly are just fine as a game

Couldn’t you just treat the back half as a follower that always faces the same direction as the player?

also what no um damn it I forgot the term… Snake people taurs with snake bodies taking the place of their legs. heck in terms of describing the weight it should be easier being much more straight forward.

The term’s Lamia.

And once again, it’s rather niche, most people who go for fat snakes go for full-on scalie snakes instead of the half-snake-half-human.

one thanks for the term and yeah I guess I am just weird like that

Nah, personally I find it refreshing.
So many these days go full on anthro or monster, as a way to reject the monster girls you get in anime, but that’s the type I like.