Hi, I’m Nosebecc!

I’m the dev of a little game calIed BE Witches, and I was made aware of Weight Gaming some time ago. And here I am!
As you might have guessed I’m mostly into BE, but I enjoy a variety of stuff, often growth related.
On another note, I also love video games, platformers (2D & 3D), JRPGs and Puzzle games being my favorite genres overall, though I like to try just about any type of game.

I’m going to create a topic about BE Witches, but in case you’re interested here is the link in the meantime : BE Witches by NoseBecc

And that’s it for my little intro! Hope that was good enough ^^


I really like your work ! I’m lurking on your patreon account everyday to see if there are any news about the developpment process.

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Nice to see another Dev around. Your game played really well, so kudos to you. (Not sure if you remember my bug though, with my constant crashing during battles…)

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Welcome Nose, glad to see you here, where you can get more people to experience your game. I’m on your Patreon Discord and love what you’re coming up with and can’t wait for the next Dev-Log update.

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Welcome! Glad you made it.

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Thank you everyone! :smiley:

I believe I fixed that bug Error, where did you tell me about it before? I’ll take another look just to be sure o:

I mentioned it on your patreon, though I doubt you’ll find it again. It was literally the only post I made.

Oh I’m pretty sure I found it!

“By having BOTH the player and enemy be attacked at the exact same time, IN ADDITION to the enemy being at death’s door, I have froze the screen itself. The audio still plays, but everything else remains still, save for the nonexistent mouse.”

I was never able to replicate it, this is probably a very rare bug. However the fight system has evolved quite a bit since then, so there is a chance that I naturally got rid of it. If not, hopefully I’ll get lucky at some point and it’ll trigger on its own, then I can track it and remove it. I don’t have a better solution sadly :confused:

Huh. That’s weird then. Because for me, it happened on a regular basis. I’ll just assume It’s my pc’s low quality processor.

Oh that’s really weird. If you can spare the time, do you think you could send me a screenshot of what it looks like when the game is frozen in a DM? And if you’re somehow able to anticipate the game freezing, another one of what it looked like before a freeze?
I really have no clue about what could be causing this, but that might help me to locate that bug.

Welcome! Your game looks quite interesting. I will have to try to check it out once I get some time!

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Glad to see you made it here, Nose! I was just thinking a while back that your work would fit in pretty seamlessly here. Always happy to see your updates and character poll results on patreon. Very excited for the next demo release! I found the most recent demo extremely enjoyable; I was surprised by how complete, polished, and in-depth the gameplay turned out to be.