not sure how to motivate someone to finish a project.

One of my friends said that they wanted to see their character in my game earthquake Warriors RPG and that they were going to Sprite the character themselves. The problem is that that was a year ago, and he still has not finished. We keep talking with each other from time to time, and he says that he keeps getting distracted, but I’m not sure how to motivate him. He won’t let me finish the Sprites for him, I can’t find it in me to be hard on him, and I don’t like to Badger him about the Sprites every time we talk. I’m not sure what to do.

what works for me at least when it comes to things i’ve put on the back burner for a long time, is make a check list of things to do, like for example i would mark down to make an art piece somewhere where i can see it/be reminded of it at certain intervals. writing down things you need to do might help, but given that it’s been a year since they made the request perhaps it’s about time to set a deadline, give or take 2-4 weeks for example. in some cases a deadline is required especially the longer it has been since they made the request. if by then it’s still not finished then as rude as it is to say but you might need to tell them that they had all the time to make it and never took it.

it’s harsh and perhaps a bit unfair, but i’d say it’s been long enough, either it happens soon, or never. no inbetween.

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eh, i think you shouldn’t force it but if you want to tell them that you’ll remove the character soon if you don’t get all the sprites from him in time, but phrase it more light than that (i.e. say you need more space in the files or something or maybe the characters coding is getting really wonky and bloated)