Nothing to do with Inflation or weight gain but I made a game

Please I just want a response on it. I just want to see if it’s good or not

link: Dropbox - File Deleted

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game not very interesting, the plot I not understood (entire map ran) and quite boring (my English very weak, translate from games through phone and the he not always pulling), not know as other but he seemed not understandable and boring for me… (I also like to play regular games, if you’re interested try space Rangers 2 revolution)

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It’s nice to see more games using animated sprites for the characters in combat. Don’t see that very often.

I’m not too fond of the writing, however. A bit too much of “I am teh randum lulz” humor for my tastes, no offense. Typos here and there but nothing too egregious.

Everything doesn’t really fit together design-wise. You’ve got a guy looking for a WiiU cable in a town with a King running the general store and a group of tribesmen in the forest a short walk away from town. Also, why is the save point a pot in the bathroom of the general store and why does it make sheep noises?

On a side note, I would suggest not putting doorways in the backs/sides of buildings. It’s hard to tell where/what the entrances are sometimes, and I’ve rarely seen it done well.

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I actually thank you for your feedback, I like what you have to say now for the random humor that’s just personal preference for me. Basically the whole basis of the game is just the crazy people and wacky environments and the plot doesn’t fully develop itself until after Limbo (an in game place), furthermore I see what you have to say about doors and yes I can agree it’s rather confusing but I’m trying to fix it in later areas by putting a pathway of sorts to figure out where to go to enter buildings. Thank you for playing my game even if you didn’t enjoy it that much

Yeah i could see why someone with English as a second language could find my game confusing. It’s not supposed to make sense and probably would make less sense to someone who’s not natively English