NPC Simulator 2? I can change this right? Whatever, too late now.

Yo, yo and hello. Remember that shitty game from the 2020 game jam? The ONLY shitty game I mean. That overly-grindy, way too obnoxious game where you get to play as an NPC and fatten up adventurers? That stupid game who’s only redeeming quality was the fantastic artwork? Well, apparantly the idiot who made that game hasn’t learned their lesson yet. And as if they weren’t already the rextbook definition of insanity, they are making a spiritual successor to the game you already wish you forgot. And then because it has worked out so well for so many film franchises, this game is also a PREQUEL! Let’s go ahead and check all the boxes for a sure fire flop.

If you are already cringing at the thought of such an abomination being willed into existence, fear not! Featuring the amazing artwork of CJ-X4, at least one part of this train-wreck will be amazing! The game will feature 6 adventurers to fatten up, and just like the previous game, so little plot that it’d make a 90’s porno blush. And this time to make sure that the game at least functions and that there aren’t so many grammar mistakes you might have to make sure you ain’t suffering a stroke, idknw is joining this project as an EDITOR. I don’t know what that means, but it’s in all caps so you know it should at least pretend to be important.

If you are getting your hopes up that development hell might spare us all from the anguish that this game will become… I simply suggest that ye abandon all hope… THERES A RELEASE DATE FOR THE FIRST CHAPTER! So go ahead and prep your underground bunkers and ready your tinfoil hats because you have until July 30th to make peace with whatever diety you think might spare you…

EDIT: Due to unforeseen scheduling issues, life and a few other unforeseen factors, we have decided to go ahead and delay the release of the game until August 7th at the latest. While I regret having to delay this game, I would prefer that this game be as polished as possible at release. And when you are as rough around the edges as I am… That takes more work than the initial deadline would allow for. My sincerest apologies to all those I have let down with this delay.

Ya know, I think I’m finally starting to understand why I got fired from my car salesman job…

Seriously though, if ya wanna keep in the loop as far as updates check out cj’s twitter. Or better yet, check out his patreon.
cj’s twitter:
cj’s patreon: Cj-X4 is creating fat art, sprites and games for a living | Patreon
I promise ya, his work is fantastic. Much better than whatever this mythical chikin fucker can do.

EDIT: Before you post, remove that last line.

EDIT 2: For all you masochists who want to try the originally NPC Simulator, it’s trash. Save yourself some time and don’t play it.


The EDITOR is here o/ But the team is still researching what it means and what I should do in the project, so don’t get your hopes up.

Jokes aside, all the characters in the game are lovable, if you don’t like one I’m almost sure that you will find another who you will love :heart: Chikin tried his best and more to make them appeal to most of groups.

The game is a prequel, but don’t lose your time trying to make a connection between both of the games. It’s best if you enjoy it as it’s own thing with some easter eggs.

And I’m the tester too, so if you find any bug, blame me.

EDIT: minor grammar

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This was honestly one of the best announces for a game on this forum lol Looking forward to what becomes of this project and best of luck to you!


The base of the 1st NPC simulator was good, so I am glad you are giving devving another go, here’s hoping you make a banger.

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Honestly I enjoyed the original game. Even if it was pretty grindy, it was funny and the characters were amazing, plus they gained at a great speed, so I’m really looking forward to this prequel!


You can fault me for it, but I went back and played the original for the first time. Greatly enjoyed it. Only complaint (besides some of the witty “screw you NPC” dialogue leading to not being able to go back on a decision, or locking me into the sitting in hell ending once) was just not really being clear on how much I have to feed them. Like it would say there’s no penalty at this size, and we could probably go all the way, but feeding to max or 1 off max doesn’t let you go the whole way (and max makes them not move at all) so just hoping for more clarity than last time. Bonus points if we additionally get a mix of different body shapes and some girls liking some not like last time.

So time for some quick responses since it has been… 5 days? Crap its been a long 5 days…

Yes I will fault you for it. (Joke, I might be an asshole but not that kind… I hope…) Glad you and at least a few others enjoyed it.
After the original, I noticed a lot of ways to improve on the original game. The grind was the worst offender. And then everything else, but hey 2 problems aint bad.
I’ve made several tweaks in an attempt to streamline the foraging as well as make it feel less same-y. I know that aint exactly saying much given how same-y and grindy the original was but hey, low bars are easy to beat!
I’ve been doing alot of tweaking and fixing to make this fustercluck at least slightly better than the original. I wanted to make this a game you wouldn’t mind replaying, and a game that would at least make multiple playthroughs each feel different enough to actually reward that extra playthrough.
I did tone it back on the screw you NPC dialogue. I wasn’t even clever enough to pull it off the first time so going for it twice is a dumb enough idea even I wouldn’t dare.
Personally, I’m feeling pretty good about it all so far. I got a good feeling about all the characters and I think the improvements I’ve made are all at least somewhat in the right direction.

Just like the last game, I’m making some gambles but the team I’ve got is solid enough to make up for my own numerous inadequacies. I’m gonna keep making gambles because I like testing the limits for what this game can achieve. Here’s to hoping it all pays off. This game has been brewing since the last game jam and I’ve been itching to release another game.


Another quick update, I promise I aint tryna clog up anything by posting too frequent. But we have the character art done up for our first adventurer, the little goblin mage Lexi! Because it ain’t quiet feel like a game on this forum if it aint got a cute goblin somewhere.
Be sure to follow cj’s twitter for updates on this game. Here is a link to his twitter post about Lexi.

If you want to get some more in depth weekly sneak peeks on the characters as they are finished, consider checking out cj’s patreon. He is also posting a dev log there as well if you are masochistic enough to try and read through my idiotic ramblings on what the hell it is I think I am doing. Link is in the original post, but I’ll include it here for your own clicking convience.


I really enjoyed the first one when it came out during the game jam. I loved the girls, art was great, and enjoyed the concept. I can understand it may of been a bit too grindy for some but I liked the concept and execution enough that it really didn’t bother me. I am glad to hear that you guys are doing something else I look forward to it and wish you guys the best of luck.

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HA! An update right as you was starting to get your hopes up that I might’ve gone an just disappeared and made this world a far better place. Sorry to break it to ya, but like my momma told me with all the love in her heart all them years ago: ‘That chikin was just born to disappoint.’

Jokes aside (my momma is an amazing woman, I feel bad even making that joke without clearing her name afterward), I figured I’d give a quick update, since its been a touch over 3 weeks since I posted anything. Progress is moving along at a good pace. The game is largely finished at this point. Most of the artwork is finished and almost the entirety of the game is coded and written. With a touch of luck I am aiming to have the game just shy of finished by the end of this week, save bug testing, editing and the last bits of artwork. All those are no small feats in an of themselves. Alot of moving parts mean alot of stuff to playtest and with grammar bad enough to make ya wonder how the hell I ever made it through elementary school (I did fail kindergarten I aint ashamed to admit)… I ask that ya pray for idknw, our resident bug tester and editor… Lord knows I was only a few weeks younger when he finally learned to me that its spelled ‘beginning’, not ‘begining’…

As for the artwork, cj is posting previews of all the characters on his patreon as he finishes the work for them. Be sure to check it out if yer interested, the link is in the original post here. He also posts some other great works there that aint just about this game. As far as game previews go, He’s got four of the six adventurers up right now. The latest one he posted a few days ago on his patreon as well as an announcement on twitter here.

Update finished. Happy 11th ya heathens. Aint sure what gets celebrated on this day, but have a damn good whatever it is.


That’s amazingly fast, damn. Great to hear, I look forward to seeing the game!


just discovered this sequel to one of my fave games - yes I have brain damage - so I’m looking forward to following this!


Why do Patreon creators hide dev-logs behind paywalls, don’t you want people to know how the project is going so people can get invested? Isn’t that the entire point? There’s nothing stopping people from making a seperate locked post for download links etc.


I understand where you are coming from and I reckon alot of folk are keen to agree with ya. Hell, I might even agree with ya if I weren’t me. When the game is released, there will be no paywall. The patreon is simply meant to be a tip jar for the artist, cj. He is a fantastic artist, and more importantly a good man. I want to see him do well and be rewarded for his hard work.
The purpose of this forum post was both to drum up attention for the game, as well as to announce his tip jar. He deserves recompense that I am not currently able to provide to him by myself. The poor bastard works way too hard for the community as a whole to not have some financial support thrown his way, and I am not in a position to give him the support I think he deserves on my own. I send him the dev logs as a means to help him out that bit extra.
I am aware that there is little to stop any amount of piracy, and it would be hypocritical of me to condemn it. All I can do is appeal to cj’s hardworking nature and everyone’s desire to see his work rewarded.
I understand completely what you are saying and my apologies if this came off inflammatory. This is not my intention, and I want to be the first to respond to curb any sort of arguements in this post… Here’s hoping I did not start one… This is a fantastic community, the only online community I have ever felt welcomed in and I do not wish to allow any ill will to fester on account of me and the decisions I have made.
I will say again, there will be no paywall when the game is released. I know this was not what you had mentioned, nor was it indicated that it was a concern for you, but perhaps this can alleviate some of your concern as well as the possible concern of others. The link for the game will be posted here for all to download. We have worked hard to make this a game for all to enjoy and to lock any of this content behind a paywall is a disservice to the warm welcome and encouragement everyone here has given me.


Sorry for the late reply. I had to take a brief break on working on the game to focus on life stuff. Do not worry, the break was planned when I set the deadline.
I have been working on this game since January… Although with the release of Monster Hunter Rise… I got distracted for a few months (HUNTING HORN MAINS WHERE YA AT!!!)… When I made the announcement, the game was already pretty far in developement. I held off on announcing because I wanted to have a set deadline to announce to avoid announcing a game that would ultimately end up in development hell, or end up a dormant post that would unexpectedly get updates and then after awhile a random update with the game link.
Long story short, this was more than a 2 month long project, but I hope that there is more than enough content to justify the long development cycle this chapter has had.

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Despite the self deprecation, your game jam project was one of my favorite experiences. I really enjoyed it a lot and am looking forward to the full release!

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Due to unforeseen scheduling issues, life and a few other unforeseen factors, we have decided to go ahead and delay the release of the game until August 7th at the latest. While I regret having to delay this game, I would prefer that this game be as polished as possible at release. And when you are as rough around the edges as I am… That takes more work than the initial deadline would allow for. My sincerest apologies to all those I have let down with this delay.

If nothing else, I can only say that I confidently hope that this game will be more than worth the extra wait.


And I will tell you right now that nobody’s holding that against you or your contrastively formal tones. I’ll just be lurking in the background until a time of release, hoping for quality over immediacy.