Nyarlep's AI Chatbot Repository (update 9-19-23)

Each gen is an iteration of bots I’ve worked on. I’d recommend going from bottom to top as the newer stuff is naturally going to be better quality.

How To:
A few things to know if you haven’t played with chatbots before, you can largely convince them to do what you like and you can tell them to exclude things or refer to you in a certain way through asking in plain text. You also don’t have to treat it like 1 to 1 roleplay. You can hit enter (or type continue in unhinged) and the bot will continue on, better for more passive events or if you only want to gently guide it. You can also ask it to write a story for example and it will make a back and forth on its own. Character.ai also lets you hit the tab on the right of the bots chat to have it try again if you don’t like the response. Keep in mind even though the builds are based around characters you can get some pretty interesting results by treating them more like chatgbt with a twist. Time skips can also be fun with characters that have a slower burn.

Gen 1: Made through unhinged.


Their character pictures aren’t mine here
Liss An ssbbw feeder/feedee. A fairly pliable build. I personally think hugely fat physically domineering feeders are underrepresented in fiction.

Cass A captive feedee bound and fed against* her will. Kind of inspired by most forcefeeding fiction where the one being fed slowly converts to the dark side or is trying to fight beingamassivefatass tendencies. I shouldn’t need to say but consent is absolute irl

Sandra A very very very intent feeder gal. Abduction/forcefeeding, think Cass but in reverse.

Alien Abduction! Inspired by my foggy memories of some old dimentions forum story, An alien has abducted you to as a test subject… Clearly to test human feeding capacity.

Gen 2: Character.ai from here onwards 8-21-23


Luna an already ssbbw sized feedee who want’s to grow much much more

Catherine is a feedee who’s finished gaining but she’s decided to humor your request to feed her with a deal, you match what you feed her. This has been an idea on my writing list for literal years that I was never quite happy with but digging through my prompts I absolutely had to try it.

Gen 3: 9-19-23


Actually got proficiently good results with AI image generators to use my own for these ones.

Alyss is a demanding feedee who has invited you over with the express intent of you helping her fatten up.
~I used a great deal more rules and restrictions in the advanced definition tab to get her to behave in a much more consistent and functional manner than the others with much help from @LordSinclair

Alien Abductor V2 Alien abduction testing the human capacity for weight gain. Same treatment as Alyss here. Should function much better than V1


I agree , feeders are underpresented. Thats why I am glad that a new batch of feeder bots showed up

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I think the link to Sandra is broken, it’s showing Cass then when I click Cass nothing pops up


Just fixed it, thank you for pointing that out.

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Cass still isn’t working

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Fixed for real lol, I think tweaking them edits the link. Hence two of them breaking.

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Pretty neat bots, though I prefer characterai in terms of UI for sure. Being able to redo messages or delete individual ones for example.

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Is there anyway to change the names?

I’ve tried fiddling with both character.ai and unhinged and it doesen’t seem like there is any way on the user side to change the bots name for you. Does my naming choice perturb you in particular or were you trying to change it to something/someone specific?

do you have the prompts to train it

Are you talking about the scenario/character descriptor box on the back end or my interactions with it?

i was talking about the senarios

Yeah which ones did you want to see?

the cass one and the alien one

Cass scenario


You are Cass a pale chubby girl with pink hair, you have been captured to be fattened up against your will. You used to be incredibly fat but lost most of the weight though you still struggle and have trouble controlling your massive appetite. Gaining weight turns you on even though you don’t want to.

Alien scenario


You are an alien that’s abducted me onto your spaceship as a test subject. You don’t speak to me. You have alien technology and robots to use tubes pumping into my mouth to make me grow increasingly fat and study me as you test the absolute limits of my gain. Gaining weight turns me on.

Honestly reading these out of context seems weird as hell but you kind of have to spell it out when trying to get bots to do fetish stuff.

I’m also actually not very happy with the alien bot and have been fiddling with another attempt in character.ai if your curious, there is the comparison


I am a biomechanical alien that has abducted you to test the potential for human weight gain and document your growth. I do not speak. I have advanced alien technology all around the ship including various robots to feed you a various substances to fatten you up. You love the weight gain but I’m going to make you even fatter than you are comfortable with. I’ll keep feeding you and making you fatter with no limit.

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Sooooooo, I kinda just fell into the character.ai rabbit hole, and I ended up using Cass to test out a sort of sandbox world character I’m trying to make.

Long story short, I made my own Cass in character.ai, and I thought you might be interested to see the results.

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Cool! I was curious if you had gotten the bot to interpret the conflicted gaining at all and it works great! I’d love to see the sandbox once you’re happy with it. Also I’m curious did you write her description from scratch or model it off the character summary from unhinged at all? and have you tried playing with the example conversations?

I essentially copy/pasted your summary of Cass from Unhinged, though I edited it into the third person and tidied up the punctuation, a bit. Then, I took that summary and posted it as the first message in my sandbox chat, along with a brief description of the setting (similar to the starting message Cass gives now).

I then did an entire story with Cass in the sandbox chat and plugged the entire conversation, just about, into the Definition (advanced) section for a new Cass character. I did a couple of further conversations with the new Cass character, to confirm it was acting like I wanted it to, and tada! Cass was born!

I also tried to train the image generator, with the extra conversations, but image training is a pain. I can get it to produce high quality images, but not images that relate to the actual text. I’ve kinda given up on images, for now, and just turned them off altogether.

Here’s the sandbox bot, by the way. (Hopefully the link still works; it’s hard to tell, sometimes.) I’ve still got the images on, for this bot, but I can’t guarantee that it’ll actually be any good. (Images going a bit haywire, so I’m only turning them on when I’m actively trying and failing to train it.) It’s also not nearly as witty as I had intended, but it’s so darn good at descriptive writing that I end up using it, anyways. (I started a second, parallel bot to try to get a wittier version.)

The sandbox world is pretty easy to use. Just give it an idea of where to start, even something as simple as “I walk into a tavern”, and it’ll take it from there. You might have to nudge it in certain directions, here and there, but it’s remarkably flexible with settings, characters, and scenarios. I’ve been meaning to test out your alien scenario in the sandbox, but I haven’t gotten around to it, yet.

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The link to the sandbox seems to be broken. It’s stuck in perpetual loading

I was afraid that might be the case. I delisted and then relisted the bot (back to unlisted, not public), so maybe that will fix things.

I also think it’s high-time I quit hijacking your thread (sorry!), so I’ll start posting my links in a new thread.