Oi, wanna get your hands on a artist for your team?

Heyo, It’s ya boy, small artist who can barely draw hair.

Heyo, name’s Gee/Sato, I’m a small artist who draws tummies, duh~
After finding out one of my game partners @Shatteraura decided to make a team WITHOUT ME, I decided I should lend my aid to anyone willing to make a team! Together we can yeet this tyrant into a pit of ravioli!

Oh yeah uhh, here’s some examples of my most recent art! If you’re interested in the Gain Jam but you are poopy at art, just slide me a comment or DM me~


:open_mouth: You called me out! You FIEND! - Rest assured I shall defeat you in the game jam!

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Well, hello! I am willing to try my hand at a proper project with somebody!
I have been stuck on solo project for way longer than i wanted (both for weight gaming and more normal stuff.)

I would gladly offer my help as the programmer (game maker studio 2 is my main game making tool as of recently.) and writer if needed. I am quite the jack of all-trade but motivation can be hard when i keep on y end. I got a bad stroke of companions having either various issues or lacking interest in their own ideas. So expect frequent discussions about progress in order to adjust the themes, mechanics and also find solutions to any issues occurring during the process. I can always lend a hand with digital art and you can provide feedback regarding the code’s behavior.

Sample art of a mod project currently on hold on my end, mostly lacking art (lol)

My most notable project around Weight gaming was Expanded lifeform (Stellaris), but i am transitioning out of that project.

Please consider me for the game jam.
Have a wonderful day

ps: i am really active on discord, so the best way to contact me is to use it! You can’t miss me in the weight gaming’s discord!