Ōkui: Beat em up and Eat em up (Qna)

You stated earlier that this game is a metroidvania right? Exactly how will that work and how long do you plan on making the game?

The vases from the gameplay footage vid will get to keep their winning smiles, right?


Thanks for the question Anony!

The team came into conclusion that it should now be an action-platformer, I don’t know sincerely if things are going to change deeper into development, we are going to try our best to lean more into the action-platformer genre from now on, but as I stated things might change a bit. The only thing I can assure you is that you are going to have fun! :smile_cat:

By my very mathematical calculations, I calculate we are going to be done by the end of September, but If we go full maximum overdrive we might finish by mid-September.

Stay tuned for more updates!

-BellyBelting :orange_heart:

Ps: Where did you read it was planned to be a Metroidvania? We talked about it back at the HQ, but I don’t remember saying it publicly




how exactly will the weight gain function?

Hi BB, hope this helps.


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We are thinking…

Gain weight: by Eating enemies, maybe in the future we decide you can do it too by drinking potions or by eating food, but mainly right now is by vore.

Inflation: by potions perhaps.

Your player stats will change or you will gain abilities based on what you eat


  1. You drink an inflation potion, therefore you will be more floaty.
  2. You vore enemies, so now you become more CHONC, and therefore, your health increases, but you become slower… do not question our logic

Thank you for your question Wulf!

-BellyBelting :orange_heart:


Ah, yeah, that was before we decided definately and ideas were still flying around

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So with becoming slower do you also end up hitting harder or is tankiness the only benefit?

Right now we only have planned for the CHONC to give you a health boost and for there to be a downside of slowing you down. But now that you bring it up, it would be cool to add a damage boost too.

Thanks for the question Spree!

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Ōkui: Beat em up and Eat em up. https://bellybelting.itch.io/okui-030-030-030 - #17 by BellyBelting (edit: this was already pasted and I didnt see it)
You stated it back in the old thread. And by how long I ment how long would you plan making the game, sorry if I was not clear, my English is not the best haha

Haha, don’t worry Anony. Welp, I personally want it to be a really hefty game, full of content, ya know? (I am getting really ambitious with this project) But I and the devs are undecided on that, but still, it is planned to be pretty solid and decently plump game!

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Will the game feature some sort of upgrade system? If so, what kind of upgrades can you get–that is, will the only affect gameplay, or will they be reflected with changes to your character’s outfit or even body type–and what will they cost?

How long do you expect the game to end up being?

What can we expect in terms of explicit content?

That’s all I can think of for now, knowing what you’ve revealed so far.

The game obviously won’t be some sort of 30 hour blockbuster, that’s way too much for us humble folk. At this point, I’ve no real good estimates on how long, but likely within 5 hours of playtime.

For uprades, we haven’t really planned stuff like that, unless you count getting different weapon types as an “upgrade”.

For explicit content, not much, if at all, from what we have at the moment.


So, a few questions:

•Does the currently-available gain sequence sprite represent the max size you’re planning, or will we be popping the frog’s top?

•Will there be any enemies who gain in size?

•Are the plans just for vore-induced WG or would something like an enemy inflating the player be something that’s possible?

I’m very excited for this, keep it up!

  • I think so, It would be nice for her to become bigger, but in motion, it would look pretty mediocre and clunky, and no we don’t want to show nudity as of now.

    (Also, I just don’t like pixelated nipplea) - QuirkHopper, lead developer

  • As of now, we are figuring out how it would work gameplaywise. We also like the idea of that very much, we’ve had several talks about it.

  • I don’t know if there will be enemies to serve that specific function, but we do plan for the player to inflate (by drinking potions maybe???) to make him/her more floaty or something

Very nice questions, we will keep the enemy thing on mind! Thanks!

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I have a couple of question too!

Since eating enemies will decrease your speed, won’t there be platforming sections we won’t be able to complete until we’ve lost weight? How do we lost weight in the game?

Are there enemies which will eat the player character as well?

Quick question!
If the player can vore enemies, would the bosses also be looking to vore the player?

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  • That is certainly something we got to keep in mind
  • I (PERSONALLY) am thinking of weight more like a mechanic rather than just yummy this is my fetish, but that has still not been debated by the team, and I don’t know how they will feel about it, so no weight loss yet
  • I-I don’t think so…maybe a boss specific player death screen??? We haven’t discussed that at all yet.
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The most likely scenario of an enemy eating the player would be just in a boss-specific player death sceene as of now, but even that hasn’t been discussed yet, so take this with a grain of salt.

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