old rpg maker feeder game

i remember playing an rpg maker a few years ago. it started with you waking up to being fed to near imobility by a feeder with magic powers. after some slow running and fighting her you gain her power an your slim body back. after this you just fight a lot girls in the town (even a ghost girl) that keep getting fatter the more damage you do.

i dont remember where i got it from (though i gues from this site or deviantart), but i was wondering if anybody remembers playing or even seeing this game?


i know what your talking about but dont know the name-

yeah i know which game your talking about it might be archived but not sure…

do you know the name?

Unfortunately no, i can’t remember the name.

Do you remember anything else about the game?

It wasnt really that long of a game, the town itself was like a big closed off square and looked like it was on top a mountain or hill. Mostly just a few houses, a pond and a church with a graveyard.

Combat was mainly just attacking since attack was replaced feed.

I dont think you got experience from winning, it was just find a girl to feed, feed her until or almost immobile to win, find the next.

Also if you lost to the feeder in the beginning you dindt get a game over. You would just waddle around town and everyone would have something else to say about you weight, mostly compliments i think.

Thats about everything else i can remember about it.


It was “The Feeder and the Fed”

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