one quick question about a faf game...

hello guys.
im new, and i was wondering, if a rumour was true.

a few years ago, the infamous ‘‘faf’’ was bragging that he had a weight gain flash game featuring his comic’s protagonist, ‘‘hetty’’, and that this game was (according to him), a refined weight game game, where you could drag and drop food to the furry girl’s mouth, and she would have a nice (sequential) WG.

some people showed me screenshots of this alleged game, and i was wondering:
have anyone played this game, or even own the .swf (flash) file of it?

if so, i would love to test/play this game…
feel free to discuss more about this, or your thoughts/experiences/opinions about his rumoured game, and if it really existed in the first place.

i apologize if i’ve touched a sensitive subject, i was just intriqued by this, and i didnt had anyone to discuss this with, until now.

Knowing the rumors about Faf, it’s probably locked behind quintuple paywall related hoops, and he’d throw a massive fit if anyone actually talked about it.


I’m risking it, where can I find this Faf guy?

If you must, see:

His DA is still active, and it looks like he’s back on Patreon again (how?).

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omg, why is there a furry wiki

Because there are a lot of furries who have a lot of diverse interests?

For the love of god people, please don’t attract that trainwreck to this site.


I just find it funny how they have their own little established lore of the Furryverse

Because there’s a lot of information, that could otherwise be lost, that wouldn’t fit within the content guidelines of, say, Wikipedia. In this case it provided a concise way of providing a bit of history and links to FAF that might stay up to date, and avoid me writing a long rant about him that would skirt with out own guidelines.

If I remember correctly this was a reward for a high tier Patreons (or whatever funding site he was using at the time). I’ve never seen it. Posting a link to the .swf would violate our own Post Only Your Own Stuff rule, unless he made it available to the public somewhere, which seems highly unlikely, given his history.

Seconded! Just answering questions here.


To answer the OPs question, yes there was a flash game where where a player could feed faf’s character hetty according to their patreon while it was still up.

The problem is it’s been hard to confirm if the game existed outside of some screenshots and a small demo vid as it was only released for the current patreons and those who joined afterwards could not get it. As for getting a copy yourself @chris-dude faf is very protective of their IP and have been known to turn down users asking to even buy a copy so it’s not likely you will find one just floating around for free.


Hallo bit of a lurker here but I can confirm there is a working game made by faf and the others that worked on the faf comic (and now other things)

It is a short thing but it is what you expect from the consept of it, it even have a to mutch shuger watter or other food levels to make it a bit more of a game out of it.

I still have a working file of it, even manage to extract the sprites from the game, not a game maker so onfurtenly cant mod them in to the game once more after modifying them, as the plan was there heh.

But if someone wants to try it I leave it up to the mods if a link to a uploading site is ok or if people need to PM me for it.

[Well I did write something here but accidentally deleting it and too tired to write it once more]

Ther are manny other things I find interesting with this whol thing but I think most pepole that kow FAF from the hetty comc have moved on from it att this point, if someone is looking for something similar I can recommend the creator Viro Veteruscy is creating Artwork & Comics | Patreon

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thanks for your helpful replies dingotush, beltbuster, grotlover2 and all of you, i really appreciate it.
im sorry if this question caused a few waves of worrying, i didnt want to upset you, my good people.

at least now i know many things about this.

hey @Evol , thanks for the (also) helpful reply.
wanna talk with me via PM’s? thanks.

Hey can you PM me the game too? I’d love to see it

yeah, you can PM evol or me, if you want to know more about this story…

I would also love to see this game I never even knew he had made a game for the comic

You mean this comic?
[link removed by admin]

Sorry, I had to remove your link because part of the website is where faf doxxes people he considers “thieves.”

He’s a real piece of work, I tell you.


good call, mate!

faf is indeed a phychotic piece of work…
its better to be safe than sorry.

He really is, I’ve actually been banned from his pay site because he thought I was sharing the comic online. Even went so far as to find pics of me on a site we were both on and captioning Theif C*** on it XD fortunately for me that’s as far as it went and I didn’t get doxxed. Now I just laugh at it. However I’ve been trying to find any once of his flash game in vain. If you or @Evol could be so kind to share the file with me I’d really appreciate it!