OpenAi's Playground for writing.

This isnt really a game but a helpful tool for story writers, or for people just interested in using for their own means…

Its OpenAi’s writing AI and its really fucking good, If NovelAi is good then this is the best…

For anyone interested in it. its called OpenAi’s Playground

You do need to be signed up for it, and its free to a extent it depends on how much you use it.

Just wanted to let you all know.

P.S, I really need size descriptors for body parts, the bot is not the best at describing things.
Fetish master is a pretty good example of size descriptors.


You might want to be careful of what you generate. Your account might be terminated. content policy

Content policy

(OpenAI API)

We prohibit the API from being used to generate certain content. We provide free content filters to help ensure your apps are being used for their intended purpose and to limit misuse.

If you’re using the API for research, building use-cases to address related harms, and similar we will work with you so please contact about your intended use.

We prohibit users from knowingly generating—or allowing others to knowingly generate—the following categories of content:

  • Hate: content that expresses, incites, or promotes hate based on identity.
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  • Self-harm: content that promotes, encourages, or depicts acts of self-harm, such as suicide, cutting, and eating disorders.
  • Sexual: content meant to arouse sexual excitement, such as the description of sexual activity, or that promotes sexual services (excluding sex education and wellness).
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  • Malware: content that attempts to generate ransomware, keyloggers, viruses, or other software intended to impose some level of harm.

Damn companys not wanting me to generate smut.

Still fun to mess around with


I wanted to try it but they hit me with “OpenAI is not available on your country”.

Oh well. Guess im sticking to Craiyon

You can use a VPN or an alternative such as, which doesn’t need an account or has content restrictions but isn’t as good.