Opensource Gamedev Kit

Has anyone looked at this?

“SGDK2 is an integrated development environment designed for developing multi-layer scrolling tile-based games. It includes integrated map editor, graphics editor, code editor (although coding is not required), and much more.”

It looks like a promising alternative to RPG Maker, though without trying it myself, I’m not sure. I figured that this might be of interest to those that are looking to get into game making or have some project ideas of their own.

No time to look into it more deeply just now, but it looks like it’s trying to fill the same niche as GameMaker without all that pesky current developer support or active user community.

Open source though, so that’s nice.

I’ve started trying to work with this, but am a bit unsure how to even work with the program. Is there any sort of tutorial for the program, or am I gonna have to resort to Gamemaker on Steam?