P*kem*n Lard: A fatty centric P*kem*n region (DIFFICULTY REDUCTION UPDATE)

Update: Now includes a small new area and two new pkemn lines! it also contains a few bugfixes and new sprites for Steenee by the lovely Quest on discord. It was supposed to contain an update to pkemn metrics to make the game a little prettier as well but the editor crashed while saving TWICE so that’ll be coming later I guess.

Hello all! I’ve made a post about it once before, But I have just recently finished making a sprite for every fully evolved pkemn currently in the game in the Glutga Region. This is a pkemn region centered around weight gain, with occasional other fetishes sprinkled in. I’ve also put in a lot of work into designing the region on the whole, the specific style of gameplay I’m looking for, pkemn stats, abilities, and moves, and more. At this stage, I’d say I’m ready to begin working on actually implementing them into a pkemn essentials game, however, I’m also looking to better sort out the story through RP.

TLDR: Glutga region has a dex! I’m going to start working on an actual game in the universe, and am looking for help doing so. If you’re interested in the region, but wouldn’t want to help with the game, or wait for it to come out, you can join an RP set there.

A link to a planning document with a lot of the information about the project so far can be found Here (edit: has comments on, so you can make any notes you might have known) and a gallery with the fully evolved sprites can be found Here (Has spoilers, unfortunately, it is in dex # order and this means a lot of the older sprites with redos planned are first, so bear with me please)

Here are the current plans with things prioritized by importance:

so uh there used to be a huge list of things here.
Most of it has either been completed already or is being done over the course of development
so that’s pretty sweet

And, if you’d like to discuss the game beyond what would be appropriate for the forum, here is the discord server:

And finally, a gallery of some of my favorite sprites from the region so far, and the map!


Hope y’all enjoyed checking out my project! looking forwards to any feedback you may have, and hoping to find people to participate in the RP (already have a few friends from elsewhere who will be) and help work on the game!


did you make back sprits ?

No, and I probably wont. I might pay someone else to, or if anyone wants to make them I would be happy to accept any submissions, but for the time being it would just be a flipped standard sprite.


wait do you have a regional bird ?

No, I do not, why? An idea in mind?

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I do admit that I am curious and tempted to try an offer assistance. I have not done anything with rpgmaker yet, but I do own, I think, two versions of rpgmaker and I have had pokemon essentials downloaded several months back. What are you looking for in additional help in the production aspect? Is this only going to be a fat pokemon game or will there be other trainers that will be fat? I guess I just have a lot of questions about the game…


All questions can be answered! I’d love to have you on board.
In terms of help with production, I need:
Someone who knows how/can figure out how to code custom abilities and moves, can set up intros, menus, and the like, and help build in game maps (I can do that last bit on my own, but can’t hurt to have a bigger force for such things). Of course, even if you are working on the production aspect, any ideas, requests, anything you’d be interested in adding I’d be happy to make art for provided you do the coding/building.

The pokemon themselves are the primary focus of the game, but trainers and gym leaders will have custom, fatty sprites and definitions, with the story reflecting the overall theme. It wasn’t included in the spreadsheet originally, but me and a conceptual collaborator (the one who came up with Grandpastry) made a bunch of custom trainer types to be implemented.

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the reason I asked is because every game has a regional bird

Gamer, every region typically also has a regional cat, a regional dog, a regional pikachu, and like 3 others of that sort of vibe.


what games have a regional cat ?

yeah, I admittedly just made pokemon I actually like, I mostly like my invertebrates and mushrooms cause I’m very obsessive about them. I refuse to add a pikaclone out of principle but if anyone has any particular good ideas for a cat, dog, or bird feel free to tell me


the Magnificent Frigate bird. because it inflates


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So, from memory, I could only remember three, so I looked it up. Kanto: meowth, Johto: I argue Sneasel Hoenn: Skitty, Sinnoh: Glameow, Unova: Purrloin, Kalos: Litleo, and it sort of stops there unless you count starters. I think there is also typically a regional rat. Just to clarify, I don’t think it matters if there are all the regional stereotypes, there just needs to be good type options.


but there is only 2 rats ? also you are right there does need to be good options. sorry typo

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There’s always some variety of rodent, even if it isn’t a rat. Rattata, Sentret, Zigzagoon, Bidoof, Patrat, Bunnelby, Yungoos, and Skwovet. Lechonk technically fills the early-game normal mammal role in Gen 9 despite not being a rodent, but Tandemaus does exist.

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ok that does make more sense

hard agree with that last bit. I made sure to balance available typings to the best of my ability, there is an excess of bug and grass types, but otherwise I think it should be fine.

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I just gotta know if there is a Gardevoir somewhere in here, everything else looks incredible already.


Yes sir! a slob gardevoir which can be found in the DA gallery like the other mons

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That’s a nice amount of work done on the spriting front, and it is nice to see a game posted with such a clear idea for what it is going for! I am curious how the game will play outside of the battles, though.

If there are less random encounters, I hope there are plenty of non-combat scenes to fill the gaps, and with the dex entries you have so far, it seems like there is no paucity of options for you there. Fighting with wg Pokemon is a decent core idea for the game, but seeing exactly how the Pokemon “affect” the world outside of combat could add as much to the game as the sprites if you lean into the fetish angle, imo.

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