P*kem*n Lard: A fatty centric P*kem*n region (THE 4 GYMS UPDATE) (Now with 100% less bugs and 300% less grinding!)

Have had several people with the same issue, seems to be fixed by doing some of these sort of steps

Ok thank you for the help

For me, I tried to make a new game, and there is a black screen with NO error message. What’s causing this? Is it the same thing?

Has this problem been solved for you yet? Because I’m having the same issue myself

I can’t tell you. I just reset my run and started over.

It should’ve been fixed in the latest public build

Yeah it’s fixed, thanks for that

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Hello. I noticed that there were some missing entries in the Pokédex, despite having already owned the Pokémon, namely Nettdevoir. At the very least, I am very curious about this Pokémon in particular. I can understand why it becomes a Water type, as it has been cleansed, but the explanation for the Ice type eludes me. Perhaps it’s body temperature has cooled down significantly from the expulsion of the poisonous material inside?


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Nettdevoir was a late entry into the update and has not had it’s full dex info done yet. Heights and weight for example are still probably(?) placeholder (I have not checked this and all pokemon need their heights and weights need updates for funny reasons uwu). The next update is also gonna have a new plugin added that adds a whole new page to the pokedex that will feature a longform dex entry because some pokemon are kinda limited in what we could say about them in the ~200 character limit.

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Thank you for the swift response! I think those would be great improvements to the game, and would love to see detailed explanations where available! I appreciate the effort going into this project!


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Finally made an account on this site after being a lurker for a while, but this game (and Some Bullshit) are what made me finally get around to doing so.

I really REALLY like this, and hats off to you for making something like this happen. I can tell an extraordinary amount of effort went into the sprites and environments here, and the choices for the music are spot-on (especially the Pikmin stuff)!

I’m not sure if it was an intentional design choice or not, and it’s a difficult feeling to describe, but the atmosphere in the game is almost stifling, similar in a way to Black City in BW2. Some of the design choices of the regional mons amplify this feeling that not everyone is happy in this region, (the Porygon line, Alcremie, and Audino being the prime examples here). I actually really appreciate this aspect as opposed to most fetish games where everything is happy and whatnot.

Some of the criticisms I have are that there isn’t any in-game tutorial introducing the player to the new Food and Fungus types, something which X/Y do with the Fairy type. Even something as simple as a little book given by the boat person at the start of the game would be helpful, as I STILL don’t know the type advantages/disadvantages. Also, it feels like there’s a LOT of Poison types here. It might be a personal bias thing because Poison’s my least favorite type, but more type varieties would be appreciated here I think.

That’s all though, I really really like this game and I hope you continue to work on it!


Bug report for yeee!

[Pokémon Essentials version 21.1]
[v21.1 Hotfixes 1.0.9]

Exception: Errno::ENOENT
Message: File Audio/BGM/Battle Ventura not found.

Game_System:56:in bgm_play' Game_System:56:in bgm_play_internal2’
[Deluxe Battle Kit] [003] Deluxe Battle Rules.rb:379:in pbResumeBattleBGM' [Deluxe Battle Kit] [002] Misc Utilities.rb:120:in pbUpdateLowHPMusic’
[Deluxe Battle Kit] [002] Misc Utilities.rb:107:in pbUpdate' Battle_ExpAndMoveLearning:201:in block in pbGainExpOne’
Battle_ExpAndMoveLearning:189:in loop' Battle_ExpAndMoveLearning:189:in pbGainExpOne’
Battle_ExpAndMoveLearning:39:in block (2 levels) in pbGainExp' Battle:411:in block in eachInTeam’

I defeat one or two of the rivals pokemon in Candy caverns and then I cannot progress because this keeps looping.