Pick a title for my game pls ty

The premise is: The player play as a battle royale manager supervising the game. The contestants roam the arena to look for food to eat, if they go hungry for too long they get disqualified. They can fight each other for the loot, or to steal items from others backpacks. The player can choose to drop food packages in wherever they wish to foster more battles.

  • Starvation Arena
  • Hunger Royale
  • Feeding Arena

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Please comment a better name pls these names sucks


Its a shame “The hunger games” is already taken, that would have been perfect.


Hunger Royale works as both a parody of the Hunger Games and Battle Royale, if that’s what you’re going for.

I give up, sad
2 Days simply isnt enough time to make this

Look at the bright side this game could be re worked into something with less restrictions and you could even turn it into a mobile game I’ve seen more and more mobile games with weight gain in them and from the description this game could really do well in the Google play store