Pop the Clown - Early Alpha V.04

Hello everyone. I am working on a game in Construct3, Pop the Clown.

Like a carnival shooting gallery, clown girls scoot across the screen. Shoot the clown girls with a water gun and fill their bellies until they pop out of their shirts.

This is very early. Right now, there is only one round with three clowns.
Please give it a play and let me know what you think. I love feedback and ideas.
The page is now available for everyone to play.

Newest Update

  • General cleanup with the background and main menu.
  • Downloadable file playable in windows.

Future Plans
Two more rounds and four more clowns

  • New Clown 2: Spins in a circle to avoid the water.
  • New Clown 3: Closed mouth. Spray her belly to make her laugh first.
  • New Clown 4: Small and fast. Worth a lot of points.
  • New Clown 5: Boss. Moves slow. Takes a ton of water. Moves by multiple times.

Why not use LMB to shoot water?

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Z for firing the gun is weird, unless the later game is planning on having a mechanic that needs more buttons:

A) Z, X, and C are used for different kinds of “ammo”, like water, air, and helium, or something.
B) Three different weapons. Z is the current kind where you just point at their mouth, but it’s weak. X could be a rapid-fire shot that also has a travel time, but it’s a lot faster. C does a charge and release attack that basically maxes them in one shot, but has a slower travel time that players have to adjust to. With perfect accuracy, in terms of DPS, Z has the worst DPS but is easiest to use, X is the middle ground between ease and DPS, C is the strongest but requires the most skill.
C) Z to fire, X to reload, C to use a special consumable special move you get sometimes.
D) Z, X, and C are all different drinks. Z is water and is the most balanced, X is soda, which basically works like damage over time as the fizzing swells them up, C is either a reload button, or a third drink, IDK.

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I chose Z to fire for two reasons.

  1. Hold mouse to fire caused an unwanted delay.
  2. Later, there will be more weapon types. Press X to toss the Hydro Hand Grenade. The grenade has limited ammo, but automatically fills up any clown on screen. (Except the boss clown, who is only filled up one level)

Thank you for playing and leaving feedback.


This game is pretty good Though could use more variety


V.03 is ready to play.


  • New leaning clown
  • Start screen
  • Shop screen

Use earned tickets to buy better water guns. The prices are low for now for testing.

There is an autosave feature, but it does not seem to be working just yet.

Better water guns function code-wise. They will get updated sprites later.


The game doesn’t seem to be loading. It stays stuck on the curtains for me.

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How strange. The page loads fine for me.

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I don’t really know why I’m having issues either. The previous version worked fine for me. Is this game available for download? That might work since my internet is bad.

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No downloadable version at this time.
I’ll look into making it downloadable with the next update.

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Maybe it’s your internet browser. I tried it and it works fine. What browser are you using?

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Opera GX I swapped browsers and it seems to work now.

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Small update: General background cleanup and a downloadable version for Windows.