Portal Stuffing ver 0.2 (Major Update: 11-18-2018): a text-based social simulator where you have the ability to stuff anyone at anytime



Do you want to help write the scenes/content relating to that? :3


I can’t wait to see where this will go!
I’m really excited since a portal to the stomach has actually been a trope in my mind for months, maybe years… To see someone else who also loves the possibilities of this is amazing!
Best of luck for this!


This seems good for a very bare bones version.
Though one thing I have to request is to have the text automatically go down, rather than you needing to scroll every time. It’d make it a lot less of a hassle.
Of course, if I just did something wrong and it should be happening in the first place, well, that’s my fault. Keep up the good work!


Sorry! I’ll revamp the display system to auto scroll and color code things next release.


I’m open to try to help with writing if you need some various scenarios.


I don’t really have anything I can reference you to… but I would love to help out on this project with writing scene ideas, scenes as a whole, some tools, actions, the relationships, the interactions…

Basically my point is… I’d love to help out in everything that I can! (Which is pretty much everything BUT coding…)

I’d love to see more about this extremely anticipated (by me atleast,) Project!
(Feel free to send me a Private message!)


I don’t know if this has been suggested or is possible, but maybe you could add combinations of items that do different things. Like, maybe a coke and mentos kind of thing to fill up a character a lot for a low cost of money on items.


Good idea! I was already planning items effects that does that, such as adding chilli will make them feel hot, and ice cubes to freeze them from the inside.


(I moved this here from the top)

Change Logs (10-30-2018):

I managed to find some time to reinforce the framework a bit more.

  • Added working dynamic dialogue system, check the basic example by “talking” with other characters
  • Implemented actions interrupt, when you interrupt a character during their routine (studying, jogging, teaching, …) there will be a unique message and event. For example, interrupting a tennis player will make them miss the serve/drop the ball…
    • Try pushing stuff into people when they’re doing things :3
  • Implemented dynamic description, but I didn’t have time to write a lot
  • Added more locations
  • Each location now has at least one staff during business hours (except for classes which start at 9)
  • Added placeholder “look” action to see each character’s current action


Major Update (11-18-2018)

Many new experimental features were added

  • :ballot_box_with_check: Phone Access:
    • You can now ask for others numbers and text them anywhere, at any time
    • (INCOMPLETE) You can also make an appointment with them (hangout, study group, date, …) at a specified location (restaurant, your place, their place…)
    • ☐ Todo:
      • Add dynamic responses based on the current time and what they’re doing (no response when they’re sleeping…)
      • Complete appointment system so players can spend more time with whoever they want

  • :ballot_box_with_check: Journal Entry on each person
    • This feature is crucial to interact with other people as individuals
    • Each conversation about a dialogue topic (family, hobby, goals, …) is recorded so that you can see how their personality, goals, preferences changes overtime
    • Intimacy limit (Incomplete!): some topics require more intimacy
    • ☐ Todo:
      • implement mechanics to increase intimacy
      • Add option to cancel appointments

  • :ballot_box_with_check: Names, phone numbers, and schedule of others can now be obtained from casual talk

  • :ballot_box_with_check: Traits System

    • This system is the backbone of the entire game. Each character is granted a set of traits that determines personalities, preferences, past (family, memorable events, friends), hobbies, world view…
    • Right now a very basic traits system has been implemented to provide responses to the above journal entry topics (family, preferences, …)
    • These basic traits are assigned randomly, but in the future I’ll give it more structure.
    • The final goal is not to make an infinite number of randomly generated characters, but to focus on very detailed custom made characters with very fine tuned traits and life-like behaviors using the traits system. Right now I have to develop the traits system itself into a reliable framework before I and anyone who wants to write can start creating their own lively characters
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Status Effects System

    • Items that causes status effects such as laxatives, mentos + coke, beans… are now working.
    • I’ve made chilli, ice, and laxatives
    • ☐ Todo:
      • More status inducing items: mentos + coke, beans (cause gas), what else should I add?

Sorry, but it seems the game is a long way until completion, please bear with me as I slowly improve it!
What kind of items/tools do you want me to add?


I don’t know why, but I’d like to have water bottles to empty into the portal, filling the target’s stomach with water that could potentially have “sloshy” effects inside.

(I’ll try to think of more tools/things!)


My idea for this game is you also add a description for breast and butt/thigh sizes so you can tell when they’ve gained weight


also how come when you put any amount of food in a person they’re instantly extremely bloated


Sorry thats a bug, fixing it in a bit


Seems like a big update. Will try it when I can! :smiley:


Small issue, it does not want to let me talk about anything aside from the basic conversation topics. Do I need more intimacy? And if so, how do I get it?

Also suggestion, maybe add a way to both prevent people from using the restroom at ‘extreme’ levels of bloat (some form of plug perhaps?) as well as a way to bypass the ‘this person is too full’ error for pushing (maybe as someone spends time overfull their capacity increases, allowing them to be filled further? Obviously bursting wouldn’t really be an option. That I would use a lot. And would be great.

(EDIT: Actually an alternative to both would be that if you overstuff someone, they have to go to the nurses, which would take an hour or so, rather than the bathroom. Though I will say that I would like bursting to be an option, but it should also be HARD, both to make it a challenge for those who want it, and to prevent someone who doesnt want it from accidentally popping their favorite in game friend.)


Sorry, only the basic systems and simple examples are implemented, I’ll make more progress this week, but no promises since finals are coming


In that case, for weight gain, how long will it generally take? Can you just stuff someone with a cake and wait an hour and they’ll gain some heft?

(EDIT: Actually another suggestion, if someone is extremely bloated, then maybe you can rub the persons belly to keep them there and digest the food some, (possibly speeding up weight gain) the catch being that its a wait style command so it eats time up so you can only use it on one person at a time.

(Also what fetishes do you plan to include aside from just stuffing and weight gain?)


(PLEASE tell me this project isn’t dead.


Sorry about that, I’ve just finished all my finals, my family also just flew over to visit for a few weeks. Things are a little hectic right now, I’ll try to work on the project whenever I can