Portal Stuffing ver 0.2 (Major Update: 11-18-2018): a text-based social simulator where you have the ability to stuff anyone at anytime



Any news on an update? id hate to see this project merely fizzle out!


I’m still working on it, will release a sneak peak in a few days. I made a commision for progressive weight gain pictures that can be swapped for face/hair and other features, hopefully I can finish the system to show the basic illustration of each character


neat! as for the sneak peek will weight gain as a system be implemented? (i am fully in love with this project and miserable i cant support it. still, as long as it doesnt die im happy)


is this still being worked on


Yes it is, I’ve been learning how to draw WG girls so that I can make graphic images of them being bloated and gain weight.


@Fierylion YES!! You just made my day!! I thought this was dead, and it was sooo good so far too! Thanks for your continuous work! I cannot wait for another update!