Portal Stuffing ver 0.2 (Major Update: 11-18-2018): a text-based social simulator where you have the ability to stuff anyone at anytime



Any news on an update? id hate to see this project merely fizzle out!


I’m still working on it, will release a sneak peak in a few days. I made a commision for progressive weight gain pictures that can be swapped for face/hair and other features, hopefully I can finish the system to show the basic illustration of each character


neat! as for the sneak peek will weight gain as a system be implemented? (i am fully in love with this project and miserable i cant support it. still, as long as it doesnt die im happy)


is this still being worked on


Yes it is, I’ve been learning how to draw WG girls so that I can make graphic images of them being bloated and gain weight.


@Fierylion YES!! You just made my day!! I thought this was dead, and it was sooo good so far too! Thanks for your continuous work! I cannot wait for another update!


How will weight gain work? More importantly, in my book, how fast will it happen? Will you need to make sure the gal doesn’t go to the bathroom to fatten her, or can you go hog wild? Will it happen over a few turns or will fattening a gal take real effort?


Glad to hear weight gain is getting worked on! Any estimates on when we can play with it?


Sorry! Development of Portal Stuffing’s text version is put on hold as I work on the VN version. I will post screenshots of my progress so far with the VN version tonight (at school right now)


Will it have the same freedom as text based? Also on a more macabre note, will there be popping? I know it sounds dark, but the too full message already says they MIGHT burst, and for fans of popping its kind of a tease.


You will be free to move to anywhere in any time just like the text version, but interaction options will be more limited (no text messages for now). Characters won’t be procedurally generated, but in exchange they will be much more detailed and vibrant


I appreciate the answer, even if it was to just one of my questions. As for the other, do you have any plans for popping, or similar consequences for ignoring the warning that a girl is too full? I understand if you don’t, its a niche thing from what I can tell, but I simply wish to know.


Well, I’m not very comfortable with drawing gore, so maybe I’ll implement it in the text version. For the VN version, unless someone else draw the popping art for me, I don’t think popping will be there. I’ll allow players to enable popping in the settings, know that popped characters may be removed from the game for a long time (recovery and such)


Ah, okay! Though, please add a warning for when you’re about to pop someone. You can rapid-fire tap to stuff/inflate someone, so maybe add a pop-up for when yer about to pop them?