Post-Utopia: Description of The Broodmother (WIP)

The first thing to hit you is the smell; a cocktail of various pheromone-like scents mixed in with sweat and other bodily odors. A platform is lifted about a foot and a half off the ground surrounded by large tubes and support hammocks straining against the girthy patron sitting upon this “throne” if you could call it that.

She. Is. Massive. The vessel her jiggling form is rested upon is huge, but bits of her overly flabby lavender-colored body is spilling over the edges. Her stomach explodes in front of her covered in old & new stretchmarks, the cavernous bellybutton is collapsing in on itself. It seems to have a massive belt just underneath the heft, you assume to lift it up for cleaning purposes, and probably to have better access to the succulent behemoth’s feminine bits.

On either side of her blubbery belly are four humongous sagging milk-filled breasts sporting four sets of quad-teats centered inside massive violet areolas. The sixteen teats would be spraying jets of milk if it wasn’t for the tubes suctioned to them, milking the pure white creamy liquid into a huge set of tanks on both sides of the room. The hammocks her gargantuan mammaries rest upon lift the four melons slightly off of her body, they look like they could crush a regular-sized person, you momentarily wonder if it would be fatal.

Directing your gaze back to this creature you can get a good view of her enormous bed-like backside covered in cellulite completely spilling over the platform, her fat juicy legs are spread to accommodate her blob of a belly, useless appendages to her immobile form and happily packing on more weight. A large tube is lodged between her massive sweaty asscrack, at first glace you think it would be used for sanitation purposes, but no, it seems to be forcing a thick liquid into her humongous posterior. Upon further inspection of the tech surrounding the throne you can see the nanotechs maintaining her body’s intake of lard is also responsible for taking care of her digestion, making sure none of the nutrients entering her body go to waste. In short: She’s being fed from both sides.

You can see her straining to pull her fat sagging arm upwards to remove the thick feeding tube from her plumped face. With her other arm she strains to wipe the thick creamy substance off of her collection of bloated chins and produces the sausage-like fingers into her engorged permanently-puckered lips sloppily sucking them clean, groaning somewhat orgasmically all the while. Her emerald serpentine eyes looking you up and down with a seductive, almost hungry, gaze.

This is what I have to share of a project thus far and would like some pointers with the writing as well as general questions and critiques if you please.

I was inspired by Tainted Elysium & Corruption of Champions to give making a text-based adventure a go. Hopefully I succeed, and hopefully you all get to enjoy what comes out.


I like this piece of text, not to long and not repetitive description, if all the writing in the game you got planned are as good it will probably be popular on the site. From what you showed this seems to take place in a sci fi world, something I haven’t seen that much in this community. Have you chosen a program to make the game on?

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Thank you very much! I’m currently messing around witch ActionScript 3 in Flash, If that doesn’t work out too well I’ll probably be switching to Java. As of now programming is mostly just me dipping my toes in as I work on story concepts as well as the art.

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This description is amazing, definitely looking forward to the game. What excited me was that fact that you’ve taken Tainted Elysium and CoC for inspiration which is so good because they’re two of my favourite text games.

Thanks for sharing, defo pumped for the game!

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Thank you, I am glad to have support! I have to say the retirement of TE was definitely my push to try and develop my own game.

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Quite good, it does have that quality of CoC and Tainted elysium, waiting eagerly for the game

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Hope this is coming along well. Like the sample text enough to be quite interested, especially considering the inspiration. So I assume you create a character ripe for various transformations and customization and stuff.