Potential game idea survey.

Ok guys ive been juggling two VN game ideas for the past few months i can potential start work on in Q1 2023.
The ideas are as follows:

Idea 1:
A game set in a pizzeria/arcade where the MC (you) go and celebrate their birthday with a cast of staff throughout the different rooms of the venue.

Idea 2:
A game set in a tall tower where a heaven/hell party is going on, where the MC (you) chose whether to attend Heaven on the top floor or Hell in the basement.

Both ideas will be fully voice acted by not only myself but a wide cast of online VAs Im in contact with, im going to be putting my own money into the idea regardless which one is favoured more and i will make it my top priority for 2023 with regular updates.

If you folks have questions feel free to ask to the thread and ill answer all the questions i can.

  • Idea 1
  • Idea 2

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the first idea seems more fun, but these games are essentially one time games, as I understand it? (simple question, I have nothing against)
and yes, the voice is certainly good, but I would like subtitles for those who do not know English perfectly (sometimes I want to understand at least a little what is happening)

Yay, idea 1 supporter!

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There will be multiple paths towards endings in bith ideas, idea 1 will be more for journey options which will lead to a happy ending as it is your birthday, idea 2 will be travks fir multiple endings for both heaven and hell parties.

There will be subtitles that will be accompanied by the voice dialogue for everyone but thd MC (you) as i wish to make it your adventure as oppessed to a written personality.


I guess you really enjoy pizza? :slight_smile:

The vote is neck and neck and almost too close to call, should i add more ideas to the potential list?

maybe, although who knows what might happen if you mix both ideas into one

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Poll is now closed, thank you to everybody who paticipated in the vote.
Feel free to ask more question and stay tuned for the future thread :3