Praedeon v0.0.9.5.

My dear weight-gaming community members, would you be so kind as to be my guinea pigs for a little while? I am working on game project and I feel that further addition of content without a thorough analysis of existing bugs will lead to the accumulation of too many problems. Please play this very early alpha without much content and tell me about any bugs you find. Also I will be very glad if you share your ideas to add to the project.

About “Praedeon” project:
This is a standart RPG maker game in fantasy settings, but with fetish elements. This game have dynamic weight gain system. Currently in Alpha v0.01 there is three different weight stages for character, but I don’t think you will be able to see all stages since game don’t have a lot of stuffing/weight gain events right now and it will take too much time to gain enough weight for you to see all stages.

Current fetishes:

  • Weight gain;
  • Stuffing;
  • Vore;


  • You can press “V” button to Show/Hide character UI.
  • If you placed a “Tent” on the field don’t forget to dismantle it after using or you wouldn’t be able to mantle it in other place.
  • Some map items or enemies ressurect only on the next ingame day or after a few ingame days.
  • Use Pentagram in “Tent” to check current character weight.
  • You can press “Q” button in Battle to make battle moves a big faster.
  • You can press “Z” button to increase game speed which could be effective when you want to skip dialogs.

Discord server: Praedeon

Download link: Praedeon v0.0.9.5
Alternative link:

How current weight gain system works:

  • Character eat something and “Fullness” go up. After some time food in stomach diggest and “Fullness” go down. Character gain weight after enough food has been digested.
  • Character able to eat more then “Maximum Fullness”. If you eat more then maximum capacity of your stomach character takes some damage and stomach stretch on some amount which could lead to increase stomach capacity. The more you push character and forcefeed her the more chance you get to increase stomach capacity, but if character eat more then 25% of Maximum capacity she vomit all food.
  • After you get “Devour” skill your character can vore enemies which have less then 26% HP, but character aren’t able to vore big prey if her stomach don’t stretch enough to handle prey. The same rules apply here as overfeeding with food, but when you try to devour prey which is too big character don’t vomit all food and just tell you she can’t handle this prey right now.

In case someone want to donate to this project: coldsteelj - exclusive content on Boosty

- Fixed Dragon Event which shouldn’t appear before you entered cave!;
- All dialog messages and other messages has been reworked by Erikwulf to fix my bad english!!!
- Fixed mana increasing per weight. Mana pull should increase each time Ruyri get more fat!!!
- Fixed softlock block leaving House if character don’t have “Camping Tent”;
- Fixed bugs with plant trap if character have more then 95 Kg of weight;
- Fixed Fullness goes to 15 when entering Westforest1 location;
- Fixed restoration of Chests after day switch;
- Fixed path next to Tent in Cave which shouldn’t let you move through if character heavy enough;
- Fixed some strange text notifications on top in Battle when character or enemies make moves;
- Reworked “Bloodsuck” skill;
- Added “Non-lethal attack” skill which let you deal damage without killing target for potential use of “Devourment”;
- Fullness and weight now should visually changes in Battle too;
- Fixed some minor bugs on text boxes;
- Starting character position should be fixed now. When you start new game Ruyri should start the game from her house right close to bed!
- Now when Ruyri weight stages changes her Maximum Fullness capacity changes too.
- Fishing should be fixed now, but you will need to start New Game for that.
- Issue with Devourment skill when Ruyri tells like if skill succeed, but still enemy not devoured should be fixed now (I hope).
- Changed how Bestiary works.
- Now if you Devoured enemy you still will get EXP from battle and loot from enemies.
- Added new skill “Running Ram”. How to get it you will need to find by yourself.
- Fixed bug with Plant Trap which automatically start event when you leave Tent after changing day.
- Balanced “Bat” enemies which was too powerfull after “Bloodsuck” skill rework.
- Fixed loop message appears each 3 seconds if Ruyri packed a lot of weight.
- Fixed mana regeneration from diggestion (I hope now it work correct).
- Some text messages fixes in prologue to remove those “missing space” things between words.
- Fixed mana regeneration and bonus to Max Mana according to weight.
- Fixed some bugs where you wasn’t able to consume some food items.
- Fixed cooking which I broke in previous update.



looks very nice and interesting

Looks very fun! I’m looking forward for it!

I was able to break the quest line by going west instead of east in the forest. I walked to the cave entrance from the outside and it triggered the NPC encounter. Also, how do you make the character gain weight?

I haven’t played this just yet, but I had to find out what you’d done to make an initial release RPGMaker game 1.35GB. Half the audio files are in m4a format instead of ogg, which drastically bloats their file size, and most of them are just default RPGM songs that are normally in ogg anyways so I’m not sure why they’re in m4a. You’ve also left the entire OST of Elysium zipped inside the bgm folder which adds another 200MB.

The other main storage hog is the animations folder, looks like you’ve got a bunch of animations you’re using/planning to use. Again, I haven’t played yet, but I’m guessing with this being V0.01 you’re not using them all. Easy way to keep file size down, only add the images that you’re using. Keep everything else stored separately or in a dev build of course, but for releases only include what’s necessary. Right now, the animations folder alone (420MB) is larger than some full games.

Don’t want to sound overly critical with all of this, it’s just rare to see RPGM games over 1GB, especially ones that have just released. I’ll be sure to play this when I next get a chance.


Is it possible to have a .zip version, cant unzip or run .rar on a lot of androids or Joiplay.

What is PGUP mean I got killed by a flower and I kept pushing the up arrow and didn’t do it so I’m confused

Page Up, usually located above the arrow keys

Page up I tried and it wouldn’t work I spammed it nonstop and I died

Edit:nvm it’s in a different spot than I thought for my laptop it’s above the numbers

Well this game is okay, I like is the you can crafting on the go in tent works well and hunting for monsters to get items to make food to eat and gain weight is okay but there are some problems like the plant keeps killing me because I hit the up key and it is not working also it take time to gain weight A lot of time but I kind of want to see were this game goes because in the demo there is no Vore and I want to see how it works in this game also with some time and a bit of work I can see this idea turn in to a enjoyable game.

Oh, thank you. I will fix that. My english problems. Yes, main character gain weight, but it is slow. You just need to eat a wait until food diggest. Current weight you can see by placing “Tent” and inside Tent go to pentagram and press action button. If character have weight 55 Kg you will see first weight Stage and changes to her body (not only in Tent, but everywhere. Pentagram for now used just to measure current weight, but weight itself changes dynamically each second).
P.S. Wait, but isn’t this cave which I made located at North-east instead of West? I mean the WestForest named like that because it is on West, but after you entered forest you should go North-east.

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Thank you. I will fix that.
Edit: removed all those files. Now it is 689 Mb client.

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You can play in games for Windows on androids? I didn’t know about that. I will make a zip version instead right after I remove unnecessary files from client.
Edit: Uploaded new client with zip archive instead of rar.


Yes, that one. I am not sure if there is another button on laptops which work as PgUP too.

I also had the issue of the dragon event playing before I ever actually entered the cave. I also encountered a bug where the plant event would play as soon as I exited the camp, sometimes multiple times in a row.

Oh shit, this is bad, I am going to investigate. If it is possible, could you please send me your save which could help me to catch this plant bug?
Edit: Already upload version which should fix bug with Dragon event appear before entering cave. Still not sure how to catch bug with plant.

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i love this game but i have a bug with plant i think the issue is that you make the plant if you the player get to close the plant. if you are the point in weight the plant cant take you well get softlocked to fix the issue make the player have visibility if they get to close the plant it well make sure you the player get out the way of the plant now i use Praedeon v0.02 i still have the same issue with that plant if you have time.

I am sorry man I can’t correctly understand your english. Which issue you have with plant? You mean you die from plant? Did you try to push PgUP button fast enough to free character from plant trap?

ok if the player is fat to the point that the plant cant grab the player get to close the plant you well be softlocked.

Oh, right, that is true, because I didn’t finish this part yet, but DAMN, I didn’t expect someone will get this weight in this alpha version because it will take too much time to gain so much. :sweat_smile: Is your character weight more then 95 Kg?