Prelude to Enormity (PRE-ALPHA V5.3, Update 8.3 11/24/23)

Demo for my CYOA game. Currently 10-15ish minutes, depending on the route.

You are a reincarnated soul on an alien planet and need to find your way around a strange new world.

Update 8.3 is now out. (11/24/23)

Anon DL:

Itch link: Prelude to Enormity by NoRefundGames

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Content planned: Giantess, Immobile, Furry, Inflation scenes, Futa

Included: Weight Gain/Expansion, Height growth (up to 7 feet), Light Gender TG, Masturbation scenes, Vore, Hyper/Expansion based growth


Typo noted when eating the thing: “The texture is alike to meat, but much softer so there seems to be innards or bones to dispose of before you eat.” I’m guessing you meant to put a “no” in there somewhere or something.

Very bare bones, are you planning on writing in story elements in the branching choice routes instead of a "weight gain encountered or avoided? The choose the left or right path option seems arbitrary since there is no description that make either of them appear different before you choose and you get a choice afterwards whether to eat or not to eat if you chose that path that triggers that.

I like the concept but I would recommend only putting in choices that make a difference or give an opportunity for world building, not just choices for the sake of appearing to give a choice. You could add much to even this concept just by giving options to explore various area’s along the way that give you information that can come in handy later and reward being inquisitive instead of just chasing the weight gain.


while your username fills me with a sense of caution and anxiety, I am excited by the concepts here and some gender-change content!

I will leave more detailed thoughts after poking around the itchio


@Dawn Very good post! There are lots of typos so compile a list if you can. And barebones is right, this is a prototype/proof of concept/whatever. Wanted to get a rough character creation system out the door essentially haha. The next build will be more of an actual game. If you read the future build plans this is what I mean by “dynamic scenes” (Race, personality, weight, height and other variables will affect scenes as you progress). This is not yet integrated. Thank you for the feedback. The choices are obviously not where I want them to be yet. It is literally just to test character descriptions/growth stages, which seem to mostly work as intended so far.

@Muffintopmanor1 It’s a username from my tfgamessite days. Obviously would advise against giving money right now! The dono links are only there for future builds basically, when there is a real game and not a skeleton. I am a lurker of wg communities and tfgamessite for ten years and finally want to put some fun ideas into action. You can check the about for details on dono plans.

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Solid start, just hope for more detailed descriptions of our character.

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Won’t bump this thread artificially but I do have progress news. Update out Sunday. Truly do want to make a good, slightly ambitious project here. Coming back after 10 years with over a thousand downloads already makes me very nervous and happy. Some new screenshots attached.

By the way, if you like any of what you see in this proof of concept, follow the itch for weekly updates and devlogs. From now on I will only be responding to feedback and posting game updates in this thread.

More details here:

P.S: @Moo_Cow On it chief. Most likely character customization systems will be fleshed out first, then content comes is what I decided.


Focused this first update mostly on improving the character creation and adding a lot of groundwork for later. No content updates really, but there’s still some new things to play around with.

Update 1 Anon DL: Prelude to Enormity_ Update 1.html ~ pixeldrain
Details and change-log: Game Update 001 - Prelude to Enormity by NoRefundGames


Update 2 out. Hopefully can move this game into the pre-alpha stage in the next few updates. Didn’t get everything I wanted done, but still added some content finally.

Check the change-log for more details. I might need to hotfix this crap, so please ID bugs because I probably overlooked some.

PSA: Please follow the itch to provide feedback, donate for perks or get updates when they come out. I now have 40+ followers on itch! Amazing support!

Anon DL:

Change-log: Game Update 002 - Prelude to Enormity by NoRefundGames


Really loving this so far and look forward to each update even if small.

Is there perchance a better way to donate aside from having to open and use ancient apps on my PC and recall years-old information? LOL

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@Moo_Cow Thank you for that sentiment. Do you have any ideas for what to use? I could open up a Ko-fi or something. I need a tip jar and preferably one that doesn’t take a cut.

Haven’t used ko-fi but I’m sure it’s better than whatever that link tried making me use.

Update 3 to the Prototype now out. Once again, might need to hotfix because I added quite a bit and didn’t playtest. Report any bugs.

Over 65+ follows on the itch! Please follow if you want frequent game updates. The next update is in two days, this Sunday. Will be smaller but will add some scenes you guys might like.

Anon DL: Prelude to Enormity_ Update 3.html ~ pixeldrain


Change-log/update details: Game Update 003 - Prelude to Enormity by NoRefundGames


Prototype V3.1 ANON DL: Prelude to Enormity_ Update 3.1.html ~ pixeldrain

Small incremental build to fix bugs and add more minor tests. It is also the last prototype build. Next week the Pre-alpha will begin.


Change-log: Game Update 003.1 - Prelude to Enormity by NoRefundGames


Daily progress update. Also, after next update, I plan to request a curated project section because I feel like a dick for spamming and shitting up the projects thread for other people. I’m the only one posting here and it feels kinda lonely. If you like the game so far, please post in the thread with your thoughts.


Really enjoy what there is. The new events are interesting and done well and I like the notification system for your decisions. Wonder if this is going to be a kind of linear game or an open-ended sandbox one. Sandbox text adventures like this are too rare in my opinion, especially within this niche of fetish games. But even if it’s more linear I’d dig this. Wish others seemed as interested.

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Don’t know myself. Word count is 35k. Not a lot of code, but all this stuff requires a lot of attention to detail and is tedious, which is the hard part.

Focusing on different branches and implementing a preliminary measurement stats system for this update (BMI, etc.)

You’ve been my biggest supporter so far. Getting a decent response on Itch but the thread is turning pretty spammy on my end over here. If I don’t get the curated project role I’ll probably just move over to Itch and stop updating this thread.

All good things take time, I’m confident folks are willing to wait for a good product, look at, say TF2 for instance, 10 years of development, still around. Sure not the best comparison but, its outlived quite a few games that tried to kill it that shut down.

Do like the path system myself since, it is something fairly new, and such twine games are extremely rare or non existent, which is quite a shame, keep up the progresss dev!


It’s not that I’m not interested. I’ve been quietly following this thread from the start, and I am curious to see where it goes. It’s just that so far, the updates have mainly just been laying groundwork for the future–or at least, that’s how it feels to me. For instance, there are a lot of character customization options, including a MtF backstory option that promises to be particularly significant, but the impact of such choices has yet to be fully implemented. So for now, I’m just watching and waiting to see what comes next.

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Update is a lot of work. I want to finish it sooner but Sunday is probably most likely.
Preview of new stats system, which changes based on Giantess/Immobile route and your growth state. Plan to add things based on body shape and other variables later, but this is an early look into the Tainted Elysium stat tracking I wanted.


First Pre-Alpha update! V4 ANON DL: Prelude to Enormity_ Update 4.html ~ pixeldrain

Has new weight/height system, stats (like BMI) and a new weight gain state. Btw some of the passages don’t have the “end for now” text. I will fix that in tomorrow’s update.


Change-log: Game Update 004 - Prelude to Enormity by NoRefundGames